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One Response to

  1. georgehollandhill says:

    Hi Claire and Nicole

    I live in London and I’ve recently self-published a quirky little book called “Spaceman No.3, Sent by God”, available via Amazon in both print and digital versions.

    As no one has yet reviewed the book, would you consider reviewing it? It explains on the Amazon site what it’s about if you have the time to take a look, or I could explain to you myself. I don’t think you would like it Claire, but I think Nicole, as an illustrator, might like the cover.

    If it’s something you would consider (and I hope so) then please let me know. I need all the help I can get during this tricky spell as a first-timer!

    Best wishes to you.

    George Holland Hill
    (You can check me out on facebook, or here:

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