March 2017 Update

It’s been a hot minute! We’ve both been super busy here at Bitches HQ. But as I listen to Kory Stamper talk about the definitions for “bitch” in her new book Word by Word (which is a super enjoyable read for a logophile, by the way), I realised we’ve been neglecting the blog a bit while getting caught up in things.

Well, to fill you in a little bit on where I’ve been: I recently did a personal comic for Buzzfeed that I’m very proud of and which has been surprisingly well received. (P.S. Claire is the friend featured at the beginning in the first and second panels.)

I’ve also been working on various other illustration projects that I’m really excited about while adjusting to a new card designer job role at Hallmark. And, two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I did a road trip across the country to visit a friend for a few days which was fun but also exhausting.

In Reading News:

While all of the stuff I’m doing has been happening, I have read exactly zero books. Or, to be more accurate, I have finished exactly zero books, but really I haven’t read much in general either so it would be ridiculous to expect myself to have finished anything.

I’m still grappling with whether to include French books in my “read 5 books I own before buying 1 new one” book buying challenge or not. I want to encourage myself to continue progressing with my French while not over-stuffing my shelves with more than I can realistically chew at a time. That said, I do currently own two classic French books already (one of which I’m currently reading) and there is a lot of online content to read already…But…let’s be real, that doesn’t quite feel the same, does it? At any rate, I’ve earned one new book recently anyway and I’ve noticed that I feel so much more precious about my book purchases these days because of my challenge. (That’s saying a lot because I’ve always been very particular about my book purchases…as I am with all my purchases in life in general.)

I’ve read my “currently reading” list down from about 10 books to 2 (then back up to the current 4, but I’m a day away from finishing one of those so let’s just call it 3), but that’s somehow giving me anxiety about wanting to (a) keep it down while simultaneously wanting to (b) start more books regardless of what I have or haven’t finished yet. I’ve also culled my “to read” list down to 208 books which gives me enormous satisfaction (and I check it regularly for more that I can cull). It gives me a great sense of control and manageability even though I know this idea to be wholly nonsensical.

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