The First Book Purchase of 2017

I have finished my first lot of five books from my shelves.


So now I can buy 1 new book. YAY! But I’m totally stuck and not sure what to get! I actually feel super aware of my own shelves now and might just pick up another book from my own shelves before I decide on what new book to buy, but here are some books I was thinking about buying (poetry and non-fiction feature heavily):


Jean (Jean’s Bookish Thoughts) always speaks very highly of Benjamin Zephaniah and I think she’s called him her favourite poet. Although I’m no poetry buff, I’ve been trying to explore poetry a little bit more and thought I’d start with this little book.



I suppose the title is intriguing enough, but this is a book of prose poetry set in a society where gender roles are reversed and when boys reach maturity they grow wings, at which point the women in society begin to objectify them.




A little book of French alliteration poems? It sounds fun and doesn’t seem terribly difficult.



I’ve had my eye on this series for a while now and, having read the whole of Miss Pas Touche in French, I’m feeling excited by the same team. I’ve heard this one is clever and the victim of the story is not always a terribly lovely person. I love complex characters. They make the story more real and interesting. And, of course, the illustration is just so beautiful.



A neurosurgeon gets diagnosed with (terminal?) lung cancer and this is his story of going from being the doctor to the patient. Kalanithi died in 2015. I’m sure this will be both interesting and very sad, and I’ve heard nothing but praise for it.


Which one would you go for?

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4 Responses to The First Book Purchase of 2017

  1. Mahima says:

    They all sound like they’ll be great reads (my French is of very poor quality but a whole book of alliteration? That sounds so fun). The God is a Woman one reminds me of Herland (which I’ve yet to read) so I think that’d be a brilliant piece of food for thought.

    I haven’t encountered much of Benjamin Zephaniah’s poetry (the little that I have left me floored – he is such an inspiration). I’ve read a book called Face by him, and a little of Refugee Boy. Reading a work of poetry by him would be really entertaining and grounding too, I think.

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah! I definitely get slight Herland vibes from the sound of Why God Is A Woman (though it seems a bit more cutting and sardonic whereas Herland was very kind and un-accusatory in its imagining of a feminist utopia).

      I ended up using a randomised picker to take the decision out of my hands and it picked Benjamin Zephaniah’s book. I’m happy to hear you thought his writing was impressive. I’m hoping I will feel the same about his Little Book of Vegan Poems! ^^

  2. I enjoyed Revenge by Yoko Ogawa. 😜

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