Hanging In There

I am overwhelmed with books right now! I’m not stranger to reading several books at once–I’m usually reading about 5 at any given time–but at the moment I’m reading ten and it’s starting to feel a little oppressive. But I don’t feel like I can or want to necessarily give any of them up. These books include gifts I got for my birthday, the book club book, a book a friend lent me, books I started years ago and am still soldiering through (not unhappily), books I’m reading for personal goals (that I’m really enjoying), and many others. I’m starting to feel just as guilty when I’m reading (paying attention to one book and not all the others??) as when I’m not reading… But I think I’d feel worse to let them go even if I promised myself it would be just a temporary parting (because my “temporary” can tend to stretch on for years).

But what’s my point? Hmm… I guess all this has been interesting, making me think about the books I choose to stick with to the end no matter what.

When/why do you choose to give up on a book?

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4 Responses to Hanging In There

  1. Mahima says:

    Yes, I know this feeling well! However I have always felt that juggling so many books ended up with me frustrated at not being able to devote a good afternoon or two to just one book as I tried to read every book as often as I could.

    • Nicole says:

      I do tend to lean towards certain ones of my ten books at different times…but I’m always aware of all of them which sometimes feels like it puts the pressure on. I love the idea of going on a bookish vacation to some remote place where there’s not a that much to do/see/distract me so I can just get through some books. It’d probably have to be a solo holiday so I don’t chatter away to whoever is with me the whole time (or feel rude/guilty not chatting to them).
      Actually I was thinking about it…and I’m not sure I have ever read one book at a time in the past…maybe ten years? :”’) I think I’ll always be a book-polygamist, but I’d ideally like to keep it to maybe about 3 books at a time. I don’t think I’d get through them any faster than I do at the moment… But I’d feel less overwhelmed maybe???

  2. Paul Walsh says:

    I rarely give up on a book but the occassions it happens are generally when I dread picking it up , it feels like I’ve been reading it forever and there is still well more than half left.

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah under those circumstances it makes sense to put the book down. I tend to find I get at least halfway into books before realising months have passed and I’m just not getting any further in them but then I think “I’m already halfway though…might as well continue…”, but that just adds to the pile haha ^^;;

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