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July was a super(!) busy month for me! I went up (more) North to housesit at my boyfriend’s parents’ place for a week and a half, then my mum came up for two weeks and I showed her around the area. We also went over to Llandudno (North Wales seaside town) to see the Agatha Christie play The Mousetrap! It was so fun(!!) and after the play they made the audience swear to secrecy not to reveal the plot! 😮 So I’ll never tell..! haha



Book Goal Conflict
Review :: The Regional Office Is Under Attack!
Intimidating TBR Tag
Review :: Miss Pas Touche tome 1
Review :: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Books Read (let me know if you want a review of any of these!)

How We Weep and Laugh at the Same Thing (Little Black Classics #29) by Michel de Montaigne ★★★☆☆ (3.5 stars)
Coraline by Neil Gaiman ★★★☆☆
What is Obscenity?: The Story of a Good For Nothing Artist and her Pussy by Rokudenashiko
The Regional Office Is Under Attack! by Manuel Gonzales ★★★★☆
La Vierge du bordel (Miss Pas Touche, #1) by Hubery & Kerascoët ★★★★★

Book of the Month:

This month was actually a really hard month to pick a favourite for! The last three books I read were all fantastic. I love months like that 🙂

Miscellaneous Favourites:

The beautiful North

YouTube: SolangeTeParle

OK! En juillet j’ai trouvé « SolangeTeParle ». Dans le cadre de mon apprentissage du français continu, mon prof me l’a montrée. Comme j’aime bien ses vidéos, j’en partage une. Elle parle très franchement mais elle est souvent très marrante en même temps. Si vous l’aimez, regardez le reste de ses vidéos. 🙂

OK! In July I discovered “SolangeTeParle“. In the course of my ongoing French learning, my italki teacher showed her to me. So since I rather like her videos, I’m sharing one. She speaks very openly but she’s often very funny at the same time. If you like this video, watch the rest too! 🙂



Hello all! So July was a hard but good month. It was hard because I was inundated with projects at work, clocking in roughly 50+ hours of work a week with an average or so of 20 overtime. I enjoy what I do, so don’t take this as a complaint but it did concern me that my life had become nothing but work, home and crash, then work again. I was even in on my weekends! However, a champion emerged during this time: Audiobooks! I found it so pleasant to just sit and listen to books in the darkness of my room when I had gotten home late (so late that it didn’t make much sense doing much because I’d have to go to bed soon, but not too little time that it warranted my jumping straight into bed!).

1 2 3 4

It was a great month because there was so much fun to be had! I went to the local Foyles’ Harry Potter and the Cursed Child midnight release (I will write a separate post on that so I won’t get into that too much now), got many many books, went to many films (some good, some bad), plus I had my birthday to look forward to in August (it was the 5th)! It was also the month for Pokemon Go which I’ve embraced with a whole passion. I’m not the best player but I was fortunate to get a CP1600 Snorlax (seen in my shot before I had leveled it up) and I managed to win a few battles and be gym leader for a bit (before someone else came and kicked me out, as is usual).


Review: Six Four
Review: The Body Reader
Literary Listings: 4 Library Borrows by East Asian Authors

Books Read

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter, #1) by JK Rowling (Audiobook) ★★★★★
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter, #2) by JK Rowling (Audiobook) ★★★★★
Six Four  by Hideo Yokoyama ★★★★☆
The Body Reader by Anne Frasier ★★★☆☆
The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchinson ★★★☆☆

Book of the Month

Narrator: Stephen Fry- who is, hands down, the best and most amazing audiobook narrator I’ve ever heard.


Films Watched

Finding Dory ★★★★☆
Star Trek Beyond ★★★★☆
The Legend of Tarzan ★★★☆☆
Ghostbusters (twice!) ★★★★★
Ice Age: Collision Course ★★☆☆☆
Central Intelligence ★★★☆☆

Library Books Borrowed (AKA, the growing of the TBR)

The Children’s Book by AS Byatt
The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo
The Officer’s Prey by Armand Cabasson
Real World by Natsuo Kirino
The ladies of Grace Adieu and other stories by Susanna Clark
The Enterprise of Death by Jesse Billington
The Mirror Thief by Martin Seay
Big Breasts and Wide Hips by Yan Mo

Youtube Adventures

I love this song, love love love it! I loved it so much I bought my first itunes track! Normally I buy entire CD’s but I loved it so much I had to have it immediately. Any other Royksopp tracks?


How was your July?

The Bitchin’ Book Club pick for the Summer (we’re combining July and August into one feminist summer fest!) is….

Feel free to read along with us!


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3 Responses to Claire x Nikki Review July 2016

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  2. Great wrap up guys 😀 Audiobooks are definitely a life saver when your so busy and the HP audios with Stephen Fry narrating are really good 🙂

    • Claire says:

      Thanks! Audiobooks are such a life saver yeah, I’m glad that Nikki prodded me into really trying them out. I am super picky about Narrators though but some are clear winners in my mind. STEPHEN FRY IS AMAZING IN HP AUDIOS! Also, I’d recommend Tim Curry 🙂 He’s the bestest.

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