Intimidating TBR Tag

OK, let me be real, I don’t think my TBR is really that intimidating? It’s got between 30 and 40 books (including about 5 ebooks and audiobooks and including about 5 books that actually belong to my boyfriend and not me…but that I want to pinch) and most books are short. Many at well below 200 pages. BUT I think the act of actually tackling them is the intimidating part? That said, I’m doin’ this tag 🙂 YOLO!

1. What book have you been unable to finish?

Ummm….a lot of them I guess. I mean my “Currently Reading” list is 10 books long (9th & 10th book not shown) at the moment. And, yes. Two of those books I have been reading since 2014…one from Feb 2015. :’)Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 17.33.18
But I’m slowly getting through. This has never been something that bothered me. 🙂 haha


2. What book you have yet to read because…you just haven’t had the time?


Except that I feel that’s not really true… I’m sure I could have made time at some point? (To be fair, I have started it and am just in the foreword bit explaining the context in which the book was written, but never bothered to add that to GoodReads. It is the 9th book I’m “currently reading”.)


3. What book you have yet to read because…it’s a sequel?


I loved Leave it to Psmith and I quite enjoyed Psmith in the City, but I just haven’t got around to Psmith, Journalist yet. I think my mum gifted it to me four birthdays ago? And it’s not even very long.


4. What book you have yet to read because…it’s brand new?


Not brand new as a book, but brand new to me since I finally ordered it secondhand from the Waterstones Marketplace. Fantastic illustration, I am actually really excited to get to this comic! I bought the French edition to further encourage my language learning but, despite it’s slim size and my intermediate French level, it can feel a little intimidating/exhausting to pick up at times.


5. What book you have yet to read because…you read a book by the same author and didn’t enjoy it?

I don’t think I own any books by authors whose work I read and disliked? Not on purpose, though. I’m happy to give authors a second try. I guess I just happen not to own any books at the moment by authors who have failed me previously. 😉


6. What book you have yet to read because…you’re just not int he mood for it?

I just picked these three at random, but this could really apply to any book on my TBR that I’m not currently reading because, as you’ve seen, I have no problem “currently reading” a butt-load of books all at once. The ones I’m not reading at the moment, are the ones I’m not in the mood for :’)


7. What book you have yet to read because…it’s humongous?

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 18.25.08

At 714 pages, this was intimidating for me to even look at. But I’ve actually begun to remedy this as of earlier this month when I finally picked it up (trying to stick with my plan of finishing it by the end of the year)! Also, can we take a minute to appreciate this lovely edition by Jim Stoddart?


8. What book you have yet to read because…it was a cover buy that turned out to have poor reviews?

I don’t really pay that much attention to reviews before I read a book usually. I’m starting to just now realise that I actually really like the element of mystery in my reading. I like to know just enough to have a taste if I might like it or not. (This is possibly why I also don’t tend to watch movie trailers if I already know I might be interested in a film.)


That said, I bought this book some time last year (partly because I had a sense in the air that people thought it was good) and the premise (and cover) were pretty cool. However, a fair few people seem to come away from it less impressed than they’d hoped. I don’t want to find out anything more than I already know about it (so please don’t tell me anything!) in case it makes me not pick it up at all, but that feeling has stalled me a little.


9. What is the most intimidating book in your TBR pile?

Probably the aforementioned East of Eden or The Odyssey but, barring them (since they’ve already been mentioned), maybe this:


I actually already started reading it and, despite its already intimidating size, I was really getting into it. I love the writing. But then I heard some reviews that made me feel unsure and uncomfortable about continuing because of the apparently “too much” of the story later on.. I don’t know if I’ll finish it or not yet. It’s still on the cards for me. But the reasons for and against and the ensuing indecision make it the most intimidating book on my TBR.



10. Who do you tag?

This tage seems pretty old and never knowing who has done anything already is my forte. If you haven’t done it yet, consider yourself tagged and please comment below if you do it (or have already done it) so I can spy on your intimidating TBR business OwO

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4 Responses to Intimidating TBR Tag

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  2. Love says:

    I’m still reading A Little Life too! I need to finish it this summer, but I’m afraid I’ll have to start over at this point. I was a little more than 200 pages in

  3. Mahima says:

    Oh this is definitely a good list of books you could potentially be intimidated by. I definitely admire your stance on spending more than a year reading a book! I’m reading The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat now and it’s going pretty good. Oliver Sacks has a lot to say about human nature and his opinions are informative and entertaining.
    I definitely agree with the feeling described around The Bees when it comes to intimidating books on my TBR. Usually they’re the ones I want to read but also don’t because of the “feeling” others have put forward. Sometimes it even works the opposite way and I end up feeling intimidated by books I’ve heard and know are going to be absolutely brilliant.

  4. Holly says:

    I read A Vindication of the Rights of Woman for my philosophy class this past semester and it was excellent! Being in the mood for it would definitely make it more enjoyable, though. I’m intimidated to read A Game of Thrones… I really need to just suck it up and read it soon!

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