Books to Inspire Positive Change

Disclaimer: I am a Remain supporter and, while I do not hate Leavers or anything ridiculous like that, I do believe they made the wrong decision and I am just as entitled to share my thoughts as they are to share theirs. In light of that, I equally welcome (politely recommended) book suggestions from Leavers, Remainers and everyone in between.

I am collecting recommendations on books to make me feel less devastated by the misguided results of the EU referendum. The results have reminded me why I like keeping myself informed. Jean shared a video yesterday that was just what I needed and started to get at what I’m craving.



Putting aside my current reads for now, I intend on picking up Owen Jones’ The Establishment and am looking for more recommendations. Here are some of mine for you:

If you have any good, informative, (preferably inspiring) reads, particularly on the topics of British politics, philosophy, inequality, and political activism, I would love to hear them!


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6 Responses to Books to Inspire Positive Change

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  3. Mahima says:

    Lord, do I need as many of these as I can. The more I read on the news the more devastated I become. I had not expected Brexit to become a reality ever…and it’s just getting worse from there. :\

  4. I have to say most of us were pretty shocked here in the U.S. when we woke up to the news yesterday. I knew the vote was going to be close, but never imagined that the UK would actually leave. For what it’s worth, our country will always support you!

    • Nicole says:

      It totally floored me!! It’s incomprehensible and very hard to be positive at the moment, but that’s what’s needed for times like these I guess..! :S

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