Reading Rut

You may have been able to guess from my sudden and prolonged absence that, on top of being very busy, I am also in a bit of a reading rut. I don’t feel particularly bothered about it because I’ve had other things to distract me, but I do find getting through my book lists slower than I’d like means I’m taking in less things and that can sometimes start make me feel like my brain is stagnating a little… I don’t quite feel like that yet because I’m getting quite the mental workout from my weekly French sessions discussing things like zero waste, the UK & EU, vegetarianism, gentrification, etc. in French, but anyway!

Here are some things I tend to do without even really intending to…

1. I tend to grab shorter books because I feel like they’re less intimidating to start and finish.

2. I go for audiobooks.
Mini rant: I do not and probably will never understand why people dismiss them so easily either without having tried them OR after having tried one or two read by the wrong person. It’s not going to be the right choice for every book, but a good audiobook is awesome and worthwhile and really helps bring a story to life. Not to mention, they’re super convenient! I find that, especially when I’m in a bit of a rut, or when I’m at work, they are perfect. Were I the exercising type, I reckon they’d be good to take for a run or something too. They can be particularly good when you don’t feel like you can synthesise a lot of information in written formats. I recently read a novel which involved a lot of Chinese politics and I don’t think I’d have been able to concentrate enough to really take it in if I were just reading it myself. But as an audiobook, it was way more digestible and I appreciated it a lot. Whenever someone says they don’t like audiobooks, I feel like they might as well say “I don’t like books” or “I don’t like movies” or “I don’t like television shows”. I want to shout “There’s so much out there and I’m sure there are many audiobooks you’re really enjoy if you game them more of a chance!” But I just shut up and talk about my sadness of people’s rejection of audiobooks here instead…In related news 54% of the books I’ve read so far this year have been audiobooks…!

3. I start to opt for non-fiction web articles more which take a lot of my reading attention span.

4. Just accept that there’s going to be a lull and don’t force myself to do anything to fix it. It’ll happen on its own…

What do you do when you’re in a reading rut?


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5 Responses to Reading Rut

  1. Grace says:

    Audiobooks only really work for me on long road trips. The rest of the time, I tune out way too easily and don’t focus the same way I do with print books.

    When I get in a reading rut I tend to opt for comfort reads–authors/genres that I know will make me feel better about life. Usually for me reading ruts are caused mostly by being stressed out about real-life stuff, so I tend to opt for something lighter than usual and/or that I’m sure will have a happy ending.

    • Nicole says:

      I mostly listen to audiobooks at work! I’m a designer so I just listen all day while I draw. I guess a lot of people can’t really do that… But I reckon it’d be run to do while crafting too (at least for crafty people haha)
      Yeah, I can definitely appreciate a familiar author/genre. Yes! That’s exactly what I’m going through now. Too many things going on so it’s distracting and makes reading stressful like “uuugh I should be dealing with A, B, C, D and Z!!” =_=;;

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  3. Holly says:

    When I’m in a reading rut I usually read a few shorter works to get me back into the swing of things, or reread an old favorite that I know I’ll love. Sometimes I’ll even go to the library or bookstore and pick up something new and intriguing, so I’ll be more excited and inclined to read it. Good luck with your rut!

    • Nicole says:

      I’ve never been much of a rereader and actually find that attempted rereadings make me a little anxious about wasting time (when there are so many more stories to get to!), so that’s probably not going to work for my personality (unless maybe I audiobook them…!! hahah). But the shorter books is definitely something I’ve been doing a lot of recently! I like your plan of scoping out some new exciting reads! That probably would work well with someone like me, though I’m trying to conserve resources so I’ll have to trot myself down to the library for a while instead of the bookstore haha
      Hopefully I claw myself out soon :”’)

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