Something Borrowed + Something New: April 2016


Hey everyone! So I’ve been thinking: I’m pretty active on Instagram and one of the things I love most doing is taking what I think of as Currently Reading selfies! I love sharing this and I wanted a way to display that on the blog so I figured I’ll incorporate it into my obsessions. Now, it’s called Something Borrowed + Something New because I’m an active book borrower and I occasionally buy bookish items. So each month what I’ll so is share either a bookish selfie or discuss something bookish that I’ve borrowed and bought! It won’t always be a book, it might be a cool bookmark I bought or a cheap little tote. I don’t believe in amassing things and I’m not a big fan of book haul posts (it it’s a bit showy… no? I guess I’ll discuss this in another post) so it’ll range from the bookish to geeky from cheap to… maybe £5 worth if I feel faaaaancy (and some of those darn totes make me yearn so hard). So here we go!

Something Borrowed + Something New

 April2 April1


I borrowed a butt-load of graphic novels in April and Pretty Deadly was one of them. I just felt like reading something with pictures rather than a full-on novel. Even novellas and short stories were too much! Read my review.


I also bought this beauty and it’s one of my favorite books for 2016 hands down! It’s such a good read guys, please get it if you can! It was our book club pick for March and even Nicole had some fun reading this (and she’s pretty darn picky!) Read our review.



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2 Responses to Something Borrowed + Something New: April 2016

  1. Mahima says:

    Yes book hauls are so showy right???
    I’ve been saying this for a long time, but I really need to start reading some of these great graphic novels.

    • Claire (BWB) says:

      I don’t like huge hauls… especially if the blogger is connected in some kind of marketing fashion, the rest of us don’t ever stand a chance. Pleaseeee start IRL!

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