March into Middle-earth: Fellowship of the Ring, Part II

Rinn Reads has dedicated March to be March Into Middle-Earth month and she’s got a few great posts coming out for it! She’s also going to publish a great conversation we’ve had so you should show her some love.

Part Two of the Fellowship of the Ring

I’m going with Rinn’s format as well and writing a few things I’ve noticed just from these chapters. My posts might be spoilery so if you don’t like that, sorry folks.

  1. How did Legolas and Gimli become friends? It’s very interesting because there is no true violence between the two. As you read there is some tension there to be sure, but I never saw outright dislike. However, after they enter the safety of Lothlórien there is a note that Legolas and Gimli started wondering around together. This is a bit of a sharp change as the Fellowship enter Lothlórien they have a bit of a squabble about blind folds. So what I want to know, and to read much more about, is where or how did this change take place? What spurned this friendship?
  2. Bill The Pony is amazing: I do feel that Tolkien was right to write about Bill’s dramatic change from a meek and emaciated pony to one that was full of energy, life and personality. Not only does it bring out Sam’s goodness and his love for all things living- be it plant or animal, it shows how the good treatment of things, people and animals is all we can ever ask for and do ourselves.
  3. Why don’t you talk about the Elephant in the room? Which is Gollum and his incessant following of the Fellowship. Every time I read about Frodo hearing the soft padding of feet or the gentle sound of a hiss, I cringed. He’s a scary, scary creature and I never liked seeing him on screen nor reading about him. I especially got nervous when Sam noted that a log was moving quite quickly to Legolas and Gimli, I often wonder what might have happened if he were allowed to swim up to Legolas and Gimli.
  4. Boromir Succumbs: he seems to do well throughout the book despite his slow nudging of the Ring towards Gondor; he never takes it too far though, never too far for people to notice. However, after Lothlórien he takes a slow descent into madness, paddling too close or too far to Frodo’s boat. I do appreciate Sam’s keenness, he alone noticed quietly how Boromir’s eyes trace and follow Frodo. All the same, it is most sad to see this descent- he was a wonderful character.

So these are just a few notes from Part II. Check out Rinn’s page because we have a great and terribly long conversation that I think you’ll like! Also stay tuned for Two Towers.



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7 Responses to March into Middle-earth: Fellowship of the Ring, Part II

  1. I wonder if Gandalf’s death bought Gimli and Legolas together. I guess I never actually thought about how and why they’re suddenly really pally.

    It also makes me think about who knew that Gollum was following. Frodo and Gandalf obviously, but I wonder if any of the others did. Did Gandalf keep it a secret and hushed up? Or did everyone know and just pretend it wasn’t happening?

    • Claire (BWB) says:

      I think Aragorn knew this, he seemed to? He mentioned trying to catch him on the river but why not put an end to him at Moria? I don’t know. I’m a bit like early-Frodo, “It’s a pity that Bilbo didn’t kill him when he had the chance”

  2. imyril says:

    I associate Legolas and Gimli’s friendship to Legolas viewing Gimli with fresh eyes (and attitude) after Gimli totally fanboys at Galadriel’s feet. If a dwarf is wise enough to know when he’s stood in front of the oldest, noblest and most powerful Elflady in Middle-Earth, Legolas will be nice to him.

    But one of the things that makes my heart EXPLODE when I read / watch / listen to Fellowship is Gimli getting all tongue-tied and asking for a lock of her hair. Gimli can’t know (and actually neither can the reader, because Tolkien doesn’t tell us – it’s an Easter egg if you’ve read Unfinished Tales) that this is the lady whose hair inspired Fëanor to create the Silmarils, and who repeatedly refused to let him have any of it! – but thinking about it, I bet Legolas knows that story. It’s a mighty big gesture. And if Gimli is good enough for Galadriel, well what’s a wood elf to do? Be nice to the dwarf.

    • Claire (BWB) says:

      I agree, I think there was a huge shift in Gimli’s obvious appreciation of Galadriel- she who is much loved by her own people. However, to back up a lil bit, this was a bit after her met her for the first time but when they were still recupperating in Lothlorien, Legolas would often wonder with his fellow Elves (but always came back for dinner with the Fellowship which I thought was significant) but after a bit, started taking Gimli on these adventures as well- no one else, but Gimli. Where did they go? What brought this shift? He might have, as you’ve said, shown his devotion to Galadriel earlier but I didn’t realise it maybe?

      • imyril says:

        You’re absolutely right. I’m getting ahead of myself. The hair comes later, so maybe that suggests Gimli has really made a good impression on the Elves on his wanders with Legolas!

        There is just that really tense exchange when they arrive, isn’t there? Where Celeborn is all sniffy about Dwarves causing trouble and Galadriel sticks up for him (and sort of gently tells Celeborn off for being snotty about Gandalf while she’s at it).

        Gimli is bowled over (and pays her a huge compliment), but you’re right – it’s not like a big honking sign to Legolas that this one’s got the Lady’s favour.

        So maybe it’s more about Gimli’s attitude shifting. Maybe he asked to go with Legolas and learn about the wood? Like you, I always thought it was significant they came ‘home’ for dinner – such loyalty and companionship!

        • Claire (BWB) says:

          I will say that, to change the subject a bit, I am NOT a fan of Celeborn, such narrow minded thinking! I just wish I knew what made Legolas invite Gimli, why not Frodo? He could have done with a wander!

          • imyril says:

            He must have some hidden talent, because I can’t think of a single scene where Celeborn seems like the dude most likely to win Galadriel’s undying affection. I mean, she’s bad-ass. She’s a woman who rebels against the Valar (when her father doesn’t), she stands up to Thingol – one of the oldest Elves of Middle-Earth – and studies with Melian the Maia, and she’s the backbone of the resistance to Sauron for millennia. Celeborn… is just the guy, right? I know more about his relatives than about him. Maybe there’s some amazing back story hidden in one of the books I haven’t read that explains how he’s secretly awesome. Maybe he writes EPIC poetry.

            Legolas could have made Sam’s LIFE if he’d been invited along with Gimli.

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