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Bitches Book Club Review: In Real Life
Literary Listings: Our 10 Fave Graphic Novel Standalones/First in Series



OK! I was really poopy this month with posts but actually I’m prepping for something really terrifying and costly that’s happening at the end of April so it’s fair to say I’ve been a little distracted :/
I don’t know if it’s for that reason that I haven’t been reading much or if I’ve just inadvertently hit a slump, but I’m just chuggin’ along here trying not to feel overwhelmed by life right now haha :’D


Questions about the Harry Potter series

Books Read (let me know if you want a review of any of these!)

In Real Life by Cory Doctorow ★★★★★
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6) by JK Rowling ★★★☆☆
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7) by JK Rowling ★★★★☆


Documentaries: I watched The True Cost a while ago on Netflix and it was really interesting and kind of sad. I don’t remember it giving many actionable ways to combat the problem, but I have found Verena Erin’s YouTube channel very helpful in offering totally manageable suggestions. One major take away: shop for clothing second hand (clothing swaps with friends, charity shops, eBay, etc).

I also watched a documentary called Cowspiracy (also on Netflix) which was very telling. This big pot of truth won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (to be fair, likely none of my favourites this month will be), but still I think it’s worth knowing about.

Zero Waste: I mentioned a while ago that I’d been watching a few decluttering/minimalism videos and that led me to some slow fashion videos and those led me to some zero waste videos. I’m pretty socially conscious (at least I try to be), but I also want to be doing my part for the environment because if we irreparably mess that up, we’re totally screwed and I and some of my best friends are alive so…..want us to stay that way.
It’s sometimes hard to be self-critical and even harder to be even slightly self-sacrificing for the greater good (in a not dictator-y kind of way hah). But, long story short, I’m trying to reduce my use of plastics as much as I possibly can. Although the lifestyle can seem extreme when you look to its major proponents/gurus, I think there are loads of things that can be taken away and adapted from it to suit the average person to make a meaningful difference. Here are some talks to find out more about it:

(In the UK, the easiest places to be zero waste seem to be London, Bristol and Brighton. In the US and France, there seem to be a lot more options.)




I’ve had a crazy month with a lot of work. I’ve been put on with a new client and I’ve been really busy- taking work home till 1AM type of thing. So I haven’t had much time or motivation to read anything- I am in the worst book slump ever. I think March might have been a big slump in general, the highlight was going to see Nikki and taking my first holiday! It was big fun.


Claire’s 5-Cents: No Love for ‘New Magic In North America’ Stories
March into Middle-earth: Fellowship of the Ring, Part I
Something Borrowed + Something New: February 2016

Books Read

In Real Life by Cory Doctorow



How was your March?

The Bitchin’ Book Club pick for April 2016 is from Nikki and she chose:


Feel free to read along with us!



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3 Responses to Claire x Nikki Review March 2016

  1. Mahima says:

    Ah, 100% March was a slump month for me. I wasn’t able to get anywhere near as much as I wanted to done in March, but looking forward to April. The Zero Waste thing sounds pretty interesting, I’ve been reading a lot about cutting back and minimalism lately. Will give it a look!

    • Claire says:

      March has been hard on both of us-, Nikki’s super into the Zero Waste ethos and I admire her for it- it takes serious gumption!

    • Nicole says:

      Maybe it’s a common thing; March Meltdown? haha
      I still have lots to research, but there’s actually a lot that’s pretty obvious and easy and cost effective (some of which I, and I’m sure loads of people!) already do or wouldn’t have a problem trying. If you’ve been looking at minimalism and are interested in zero waste in any capacity (even if just out of curiosity), I’d definitely recommend those documentaries and talks though. I think you’d find them really interesting! 🙂

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