Questions about the Harry Potter series

Here is a list of a few(!! of the many) questions I have halfway through reading the last Harry Potter book for the first time (keeping in mind I haven’t finished it yet!)
I’ve tried to keep this spoiler free and some things are largely hypothetical, but potential spoilers are struck through like this. Also, I don’t want any of these tongue-in-cheek questions to give the wrong impression: I am enjoying the series.

• • •

WHY does Hermione put up with these two incredibly stupid boys for so long? I would have cursed, jinxed and hexed them by now with all my infinite wisdom and gone off to find friends who weren’t so idiotic, ignorant and incredibly insensitive.

Why didn’t that German-speaking woman’s sacrifice for her two children result in lightening bolt scars, a crippled Voldemort and two more “chosen one” children?

Was Dumbledore in a romantic relationship with Gellert Grindelwald? (That is a fanfic waiting to be written.)

Why does Harry think he is entitled to know Dumbledore’s personal information just because they are from the same ‘Hood (read: Hollow)?

How would the series be different if Neville had been the chosen one?

What if Neville IS the chosen one and, with the trust and support and constant coddling and care of everyone else that was wasted on Harry, all this could have been sorted out ages ago?

How the hell does JK Rowling expect me to seriously believe Ron and Hermione could ever last past teen confusion when it is so terribly implausible?

Why was I led to believe Ginny is really great and cool when she has just been a total jerk for the last two books??

Why is Harry always jumping to conclusions and so blinded by his own biases?

Why is everyone soooo prejudiced against Slytherins? Does anyone ever think that maybe they are living up to the stereotype because no matter what they do to the contrary, people will still think they’re evil? Jeez.

Could Hermione’s plan to leave clothes for the elves of Hogwarts to pick up even work if it’s Dumbledore, and not the students, who “own” them?

Why don’t they use permanent sticking charms on the prisoners of Azkaban post-Sirius’-escape? (OK yes I know ‘ethics’ or whatever…Well, I don’t know about you, but the whole dementors thing already seems like ethics isn’t the top concern here, so I’m askin’!)

Did Mary Poppins go to Hogwarts?

Why aren’t there more POCs, LGBT and differently abled folks in this London-based magic world?

Taken from my Goodreads review of book 6: Why was Cho Chang so unceremoniously cast aside when her only ‘crime’ was that she stood up for her friend who made a mistake (in a really casual “Well, she’s not actually a terrible person..” kind of way) because she was afraid and confused about what was right and what was wrong in that moment?
Take home message: when your friends make mistakes because they think they’re doing the wright thing, dump them because you’ll be written out of existence only to be replaced with another character who is actually just a bitch who everyone likes to believe is just feisty or whatever. OH WAIT! But that never really happens when Harry makes mistakes. Right. Well I guess there is no message here…Just…life sucks? God, I don’t know.

WHY does Dumbledore leave all this daredevilin’ to a bunch of kids!?? Actually…maybe all questions related to Dumbledore can be found here:

What happened to Hermione’s time turner? I feel like more use could have been made out of this.

Book 4: Why does no one seem alarmed that Hermione who had only just turned 14 three months previous was dating an 18 year old??

Why does no one take Trelawney seriously when she is the one who has made probably one of the most important prophesies in yoinks?

Why does no one address Trelawney’s drinking problem and hold an intervention? Why does no one care about her?

Does everyone love the 6th book the most? ((Because it’s probably my least favourite so far…Even less than book 5…))

And that’s all that I can remember for now, folks! I’ve sent Claire a BAJILLION messages in real time with questions, complains, comments, enjoyments and so on so I know I’m missing a lot of previous points I wanted to make :’)
Maybe we can start a discussion…Or maybe it’s best we don’t. I don’t know :’D hahaha

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13 Responses to Questions about the Harry Potter series

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  2. Jackie G. says:

    I think actually, Neville potentially being the chosen one is alluded to somewhere in the series. But, it’s been a while since I’ve read those later books, so I might be mistaken. I’m not sure all of this mess would have been avoided though. We would have had to wait seven books for Neville to pluck up the gumption do something productive about the whole Voldemort-returning-to-the-world thing.

    (Also, book five is my favorite book in the series. So many people consider that one their least favorite. I hear a lot of gripes about how Harry is so uncharacteristically angsty, but is he really? Also, THE ENDING OF THAT BOOK DESTROYS MY HEART EVERY TIME. OMG, I REALLY WANT TO RE-READ THESE BOOKS RIGHT NOW!)

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah, the Neville possibility is directly addressed so I wonder how things would be different. I think Neville’s kindness and unassuming nature are assets that Harry was missing. And he was pretty courageous from the start (stood up to his friends in book one and earned all those (totally biased) house points for Gryffindor) despite low self-esteem from years of simultaneously morning his parents and living in their shadow. I think, if people believed in Neville the way they believed in Harry, he would have been less shy and unsure of himself. He is the way he is because everyone treats him like shit and ignores him and assumes his worthlessness. Even his own grandmother. It’s sad and unfair 😦

      I have to admit, book five was my least* favourite until I read book six… But it’s not because Harry is angsty. It’s more that it felt a bit like a filler to me (though you could probably also say that even more so about my favourite: book 4) and I really don’t like the way Cho Chang is dismissed at the end (pretty much because she stuck up for her friend who only made a mistake and wasn’t being intentionally evil or anything).. I duno. It’s parts just weren’t balanced quite right for me? I DID really like all the Order of the Phoenix/Grimmauld Place stuff though!
      I’m actually not that bothered by Harry’s “angst” in general though. I mean, he makes some terrible, rash decisions sometimes and jumps to a lot(!!) of conclusions and is pretty judgemental, but I didn’t really find him annoyingly for the most part.
      *I always exclude the first two books when I say this…I don’t know why. It’s like…I duno. They’re pretty dinky and silly, but also endearing so I don’t like to compare them to the rest of the series?? Haha

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  4. As a huge fan of the series for more than a decade, I’m kind of cringing, but also laughing because even though I love love love the series, there are definitely a ton of flaws, mistakes, inconsistencies and just plain stupid things. A lot of your comments/questions are things I’ve thought myself through over a dozen rereads of the entire series, such as the Ginny thing, the Cho Chang bit, Dumbledore’s lack of concern and blatant manipulation, Hermione and Ron’s “Relationship”, the lack of diversity in the series, the freaking Time Turner omfg, and so much more. You’ve got quite a list going, and it really doesn’t even begin to touch on so much of the problematic pieces of these books.

    I’m one of those fans that has been immersed in nearly every area of the culture from Wizard wrock, to the starkid musicals, to the theme parks, original Pottermore, and Leakycon. And yet… you raise completely valid points. A younger me would be screaming that you missed the magic, and you’re just being mean, but adult me knows that authors and books aren’t infallible. As it stands in my book, I wish the time turner had been used again or given an appropriate explanation of it’s disappearance from the rest of the series. I hate Ginny across all versions of the story. Cho Chang bothers me for a whole hell of a lot of different reasons, some of which are eloquently pointed out in this

    Also, while I understand the reasoning for what Dumbledore did, it doesn’t make me think that he’s any less of a dick. In that regard I present you with this. ( you should wait until you finish book 7 before listening to this one…)

    All in all, I hope that you can still enjoy the series and find some humor and magic in there. At the very least, I’m psyched that Hermione is being played by Noma Dumezweni. While I love Emma Watson, I can’t wait to see this continuation of the story, and all the black Hermione fan art is absolutely beautiful.

    All in all, we have to take the good and the bad with things like this. I’d like to leave you with this. 😀

  5. Such great questions! Many of which I can’t even begin to give an answer to, which means I need to re-read! When I do, I’ll do the same and we can compare notes! Although I think I have pretty solid answers to two questions, and definitely my own question to add, but I don’t want to ruin anything!

    • Nicole says:

      I’ve actually already had the second question fairly satisfactorily answered (involving horcruxes) but my question pile still grows higher and higher! I’d like to hear any answers or questions you’d like to volunteer (…when I’m done if they’re spoilery!)! haha
      I’m only a handful of chapters from the end now, though. Homestretch! 😀

  6. Lisa says:

    Great! I love the video.

    • Nicole says:

      Haha yeah, it really summed up a lot of my feelings towards Dumbledore and yet somehow my trust in this ridiculous man has not dwindled in the slightest. On the contrary, I think my blind trust just grows:
      “Surely no one could be that brilliant AND that mad…he…he must know what he’s doing…yes….yes. I’ll…I’ll just trust that there’s a bigger plan here that I’m just not seeing.”

  7. imyril says:

    I haven’t read the books (I tried an early one once, and dropped screaming out of the prose) but you’re nailing a lot of the questions I was left with after the movies (which I largely enjoy, except Half-blood Prince).

    • Nicole says:

      There’s no way I would have got through them without listening to the audiobooks. I’m a slow reader and my interest had waned after hearing all the major spoilers. The audiobooks are narrated so well by Stephen Fry and it’s been fun to listen along and message Claire every few minutes with my (completely unsolicited) questions and comments haha
      I don’t remember the movies that well after the fourth one…But still my questions haven’t all been answered in the books for me… :’)

  8. Haha! These are great! I think back in 2010 J.K. said that Dumbledore and had romantic feelings for Grindewald but they weren’t reciprocated. 😦

    • Nicole says:

      REALLY!? I don’t know how to feel about that. There’s a little sadness, but also it feels like a compelling story is lurking there. I’m sure there are fanfics upon fanfics….Were I a more dedicated fan willing to wade through a bunch of awful fanfics to eventually discover *the one*…or write it myself, I might spend my time plumbing the depths of the internet, but…sadly I don’t think I have that much resolve. But be assured, scandalous escapades are running through my mind…

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