Something Borrowed + Something New: February 2016


Now, it’s called Something Borrowed + Something New because I’m an active book borrower and I occasionally buy bookish items. So each month what I’ll so is share either a bookish selfie or discuss something bookish that I’ve borrowed and bought! It won’t always be a book, it might be a cool bookmark I bought or a cheap little tote. I have more shots of books + my British travels on my Instagram.

Something Borrowed + Something New: January 2016

 2 Potions


Fellowship of the Ring by J RR Tolkien  ★★★★★

I actually own a copy which I’ve featured in earlier Something Borrowed posts, but it’s a giant tome with the entire trilogy in one format, which is sexy as hell on my bookshelf but the biggest pain in the but to read. I nearly gave myself a black eye reading it (I read laying down on my bed like I’m sleeping) once, it slipped from my band and the spine hit me right in the eye. I seriously let out a squeal and had to give up reading it for a while, I was mighty fed up with it.

So I decided: I want to buy another format. I am an habitual re-buyer of my favorite series. I have a British and American version of HP and now I have the illustrated Philosopher’s Stone as well. When it comes to the Lord of the Rings, I own the Alan Lee illustrated covers, which is a pretty standard edition I think. I have the giant omnibus but I want a smaller version. I borrowed this copy from the library and I must say: I can’t stand it. It doesn’t show the maps well and it’s just… blargh. It’s a good trial and error thing though, will need to keep looking for other styles.


Advanced Potion Making cellphone cover

This has brought me such joy you have no idea. I love this case! It’s a post-Valentines treat for myself. My friend at work helped me figure out which to get- they had 2 text books, this one and Defense Against the Dark Arts but I hardly recognized it. They also had the Marauders Map, but her being a fellow HP geek, advised that “everyone” had that one so I opted for this. MUCH love and it’s so fun to whip it out on a bus or train and someone recognizes the cover and gives me a smile. Like YES, FELLOW GEEK, I SEE YOU!



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2 Responses to Something Borrowed + Something New: February 2016

  1. imyril says:

    I loooooove my hardback Alan Lee illustrated omnibus but it does really hurt when you drop it. And makes your arms ache when you don’t. I heartily applaud acquiring an alternative for actual reading.

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