Something Borrowed + Something New: January 2016


Now, it’s called Something Borrowed + Something New because I’m an active book borrower and I occasionally buy bookish items. So each month what I’ll so is share either a bookish selfie or discuss something bookish that I’ve borrowed and bought! It won’t always be a book, it might be a cool bookmark I bought or a cheap little tote. I have more shots of books + my British travels on my Instagram.

Something Borrowed + Something New: January 2016

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Nimona by Noelle Stevenson  ★★★★☆

Oh I am so glad that I found this at my local library! I’d been meaning to check it out for some time but it never clicked to actually dig and find it. When I went looking for Nikki’s book club pick for February 2016 I stumbled on it and kept it. I read it in an hour and pretty much fell in love. I love the characters, every single one, the baddies, the goodies, the appear goodies but actually are baddies.

All in all I’d recommend that everyone give this graphic novel a chance. It’s well drawn, in comfortable non-perfectionist sort of way. The actual dialogue is also quite good, you really get to know the characters and develop real connections to them! This connection made me cry out at certain points and get really nervous when the tension built up. My only quip, and reason why I never gave it a 5 is because there were a few plot holes that I hope/wished would have been filled in. The hope part was mostly that there’d be a Nimona 2 but I really doubt that there will be one. Booo!


Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien

So my new room- I’m so excited about it! So very excited. I’ve told myself that I can only purchase 1 book a month max and I got one for New Years, the full edition of the Lord of the Rings. While I am very excited to own this giant red book, it is 1,000 pages plus and super heavy lift up. What does this mean for me? Black eyes. It means many black eyes. I read laying down in bed without my glasses so while I’m holding this high, if something slips, oops it goes into my eye!



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  2. Aahhh I love Noelle Stephenson’s art, I really need to read Nimona. Her Tumblr is amazing.


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