Claire’s 2015 In Review

My 2015 In Review


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I read 95 books in 2015. Up from the 50 that I read in 2014. I read more diversely in general, incorporating more novellas and short finction as well as stand alones and series. I also attempted to read a range of books from diverse perspectives.


My FAVE Five

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2015 was the year of Magical Beasts and Dragons. It i the year I fell in love iwth creatures and magic and the fantasy that comes with these worlds. I fuly embraced my love of fantasy fiction this year and it easily dominated my reads.

Honorable Mention Five

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This was also the year fo a number of stand a lone reads. I read a lot of series, I’ve always been a big fan of that sort of thing but I read a record number of stand alone books this year! Indeed, one of my favourite books of the year, The Bees by Laline Paull is so completely different from everything I’ve ever read, it blew my mind away!

I Didn’t Last 10 Pages Five

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I finished all of these books but it took every effort to finish them. For me, they were a waste of time. But it can’t be said that I didn’t give them the chance to redeem themselves!



Reading books by women and female-identifying authors is easy for me. Indeed, it’s harder for me to find books by men at times. As such, I’m not surprised by this result.


However, I was very disappointed in myself for this result. I’ve only read 11 books by authors that identify as a POC. I did read 24 books that had a POC protagonist or POC characters. Funny enough, for a few of the books that I read that had POC protagonists/narrators, they were set in California. This is something I aim to be more aware of next year.

In addition, I didn’t read 1 book with an LGBTQ protagonist. This is partially choice, I went through a kick in 2014 when I only wanted to read to read everything LGBTQ but in 2016 I want a balance and will include it more.

Additionally, I didn’t read any books that talked about mental or physical disabilities and struggles. I want to be more aware of that in 2016 as well.

In a more general sense:

27% of my reads were from my TBR this year which I think is quite good. I tend to be more spontaneous about what I read and I’m glad I made an effort to read something I’d had on my TBR.

I read over 20 books this year that had dragons or mermaids or some sort of magical beast.

I read 2 graphic novels and 18 manga.

I read 5 NF books.

I read a whopping 4 translated works which is up from the 0 from 2014.

And last but not least, 6 short stories!

So, what did your 2015 look like? Do tell!



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8 Responses to Claire’s 2015 In Review

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  2. Grace says:

    Yay for dragons and mermaids and magical beasts!

    Looks like you read a lot of good books this year. šŸ™‚

  3. splitsun says:

    I thought I was the only one who struggled with The Bone Clocks. Think I made it about 200 page deep then called it quits.

  4. Cool list, I haven’t embraced fantasy yet. I love the movies but cannot get passed 100 pages in the books.

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