2015 in Review

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My Year In Books

• • •

Goodreads Challenge

Original goal of 40: SMASHED! I ended up reading about 100 books according to the Goodreads challenge. That’s way more than I ever imagined I could do in a year. WAY more. Like.. 10 times more. Crazy. So I’m proud of that. But let’s break it down:

45 of those are what most people would undeniably call “novels” or “full-sized books”. 10 were plays or poetry. 20 were comics/graphic novels. 8 were picture books. 6 were short stories (like less than 25 pages long). And the rest were too inconsequential to mention on my personal spreadsheet apparently!

• • •


So far I’ve read 43% female authors with 51% male and 7% “other” (either both male and female creators or unknown, but authors who identify as neither or both would fit in this category too). My goal was to read 50% which I guess you could say I hit if you include the female creators in collaborative works (that 7%) which gives me an even 50% female creators. I have read 34% authors of colour which is good since my goal was at least 30%.

26% of my reading has been translated works.

29% of books were from my TBR which has been reduced a little bit even though I’ve also been adding a few more books to it here and there.

59% of my reading has been free either from the library or friends or eARCs. THINK OF THE SAVINGS!!£££$$$¥¥¥¢¢¢

• • •

10-10-10-10 challenge:

TEN Works of Fiction by Female Authors: EXCEEDED

TEN Works of Fiction from Around the World: EXCEEDED

TEN Graphic Novels/Comics/Picture Books: SUPER EXCEEDED!!

TEN Non-Fiction Books: EXCEEDED

Didn’t bother listing all the books because it clutters up the post and I want this to be short and sweet, but if you want recommendations from any of the above categories, HOLLA! I got you covered, bruv!

• • •

Somewhere along the way I decided to drop my 2015 Old & New Classics Challenge

It was making me feel lazy and uncomfortable with keeping myself in a certain kind of bubble that I naturally gravitate towards anyway. I felt guilty every time I thought to pick up something from this challenge knowing I was doing a disservice to my understanding of wider perspectives. And now that I’ve decisively dropped this challenge, I’ve picked up some more classics and my brain is totally happy about that because it works in mysterious ways.

To be fair, it could just be because this challenge was so restrictive in its specificity. It doesn’t work well for people like me. I need open categories, not pre-determined titles. Sheesh!

• • •

Book of the my Year


the golem and the jinni

Favourite Five (excluding above):

23302416the moon is downOut by Natsuo KirinoWithout You, There Is No UsA Thousand Splendid Suns

• • •

So what’s lined up for 2016?

I might do a GR challenge with a goal of 40 or 50 to take it easy and considering I’m planning on tackling some longer reads.

I want to keep up the diversity of my reading because I have had my viewpoint challenged and expanded in beautiful ways that I really enjoyed and I have been exposed to so many wonderful stories by simply casting an eye slightly further afield of the usual ‘stale, pale, male’/old white dudes safe-zone (while still managing to read an awful lot of old white dudes! Everybody wins!).

But other than that, I’m not planning to have a challenge-heavy year. I discovered very quickly with the classics challenge that it’s difficult for me to make a set-in-stone list of titles to get around too. I do have some specific titles (which I won’t name) that I’d like to finish in 2016, but we’ll just see how it goes. Other than that, there are just categories I want to hit up more often (like micro-history, LGBTQ+, ancient literature, politics, feminist theory, picture books, etc) which is broad enough to be really flexible for how I’m feeling.

I’m excited about next year. Let’s do this! 🙂

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5 Responses to 2015 in Review

  1. Congrats on exceeding so many of your challenges, Nicole! Like you, I plan to take it relatively easy with the 2016 challenges – I still have some, but I’m not promising myself anything too ambitious/concrete… life gets busy.

    Re: your Book of the year – YES YES YES what an excellent choice 🙂 Just the right mix of historical fiction & fantasy. It tugged on my heartstrings a little extra because I have pretty entrenched family roots in NYC, and my family always speaks fondly of the Jewish community there.

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks! Yeah, we have lives we intend to live too after all! :’) haha

      OH! It was so great AND I just saw there’s going to be a SECOND BOOK! I am excite.

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  3. moosha23 says:

    Whoooaaaa, congratulations! That’s a helluva lot of books, wow. Out of your best books I’ve read A Thousand Splendid Suns and Wonder and both of them are beautiful reads. A Thousand Splendid Suns is my favourite book by Khaled Hosseini in that I love how it speaks up for Afghani women, and also for women everywhere. Have you read And the Mountains Echoed by the same author?

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks!! It definitely more than I thought myself capable of so I’m very proud of myself being a notoriously slow and/or easily distracted reader :’)
      No, I haven’t read And the Mountains Echoed yet. But I read A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner back to back and had to take a break!! The man saddens me with his beautiful, tragic stories siiigh. A Thousand Splendid Suns is my favourite of those two too. I do plan to get around to And the Mountains Echoed at some point, though. Maybe this year. The two I read were audiobooks from the library so I’ll probably request my library pick up AtME if they can as well since I can listen at work and have everyone wonder why I’m sobbing at my desk hahaha :’D

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