Winter Wishlist 2015

Well I always find wishlists fun to do (they help me remember which books I should prioritise shopping for), so that’s what’s on the agenda for today! 🙂

In no particular order:

letter to a hostageFrom the author of The Little Prince, this short was written while the author was escaping war-torn France during World War Two. I really loved The Little Prince and, considering how philosophical that little novella was, I’d like to see what this author’s non-fiction is like.

naked fashionI’ve become really interested in the slow fashion movement and am (slooowly) learning what goes into being a more ethical consumer. This book is by the woman who runs the UK’s branch of People Tree, a company whose aim is to create sustainable, fashionable clothing.

miss don't touch meI don’t know hardly anything about this book except that it looks good and it’s by Kerascoët whose illustrations are beautiful! :’)

josephineI’ve actually already read this book, but only in ebook format which was formatted rather awkwardly in that medium for some reason. (They should really work on the way the ebook works!) I liked the topics this non-fiction picture book didn’t shy away from…but it did seem a little confused about who its audience was at times. But still, I’d really love to own a hardcopy. In fact, I may start collecting books illustrated by Christian Robinson because they’re always so charming!

starting pointHayao Miyazaki films are so wonderful and infused with so much heart! You can just seeee and feeeeel how much spirit Miyazaki puts into them. And, from what I’ve seen, he seems like a pretty cool guy in general. I’d like to know more about him and his process. If you’re interested, the documentary The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness is about studio Ghibli (actually, it’s mostly just about Miyazaki) and it’s a nice watch. A little melancholic, but strangely inspiring. I think it’s available on Netflix US right now.

the impossible stateNorth Korea is a bit of a curiosity and a lot of people seem really ignorant about it in lots of different ways. I would like to know more and this seems like a great place to start.

in order to liveWhat better way to find out more about North Korea than the account of a North Korean defector? Well actually I think you need a lot of different accounts to form any kind of coherent story (history, outsider perspective, insider perspectives from different tiers of life, etc…) and all these things add up to show you the bigger picture. I’d like to read what Park has gone through and continues to go through as more is revealed to her about the outside world and her home country.

keep the aspidistra flyingThis books seems very social relevant about the futility of changing a broken/breaking system by being part of it… I have a lot of different feelings about that idea and I’m skeptical about whether Orwell will add any positive solutions, but I’d like to read what he has to say.

smoke gets in your eyesCaitlin Doughty has a really great YouTube channel where she unveils the mysteries of death and mortuaries by answering viewer questions. I feel like her memoir about being a mortician would be super interesting and maybe oddly grounding or reassuring in some way?

the golem and the jinniAs you well know, I really loved this audiobook. But I’d borrowed it from my library. And now…I feel I need to own it! So I can listen to this lovely, atmospheric story whenever I want.

• • •

It’s probably to late for any of my bookish Christmas wishes to come true, but what’s on your Christmas wishlist?

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