Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge

I’ve just finished Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge and it was actually really fun! I recommend everyone try it, not necessarily to finish, but more to get ideas on new reading areas to explore that might not have crossed your mind previously for when you get bored of your routine.

I wouldn’t say I had to go out of my way much for any of these, but one or two categories did make me stop for a bit to actively seek out something in that category.

Read Harder Challenge checklist

Have you finished the Read Harder Challenge? If so, what are you going to buy with your Book Riot 30% discount?? hehe

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5 Responses to Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge

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  2. Very interesting list. Congratulations on finishing your goal! I’d like to try that, if I weren’t so lazy or random about choosing which book to read. I think I can accomplish that list, after the fact though lol.

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah, I’d never actually set out to finish it at first. It was only around November I thought I’d just check to see how many books I’d read that fitted the categories and I found I’d only had about 5 categories left so I figured I’d keep those in mind and if I finished it, great! And if I didn’t finish it, no big deal. I think it’s easier than it seems and was still really enjoyable haha

  3. Awesome job with that challenge! I’m so awful at challenges because I’m a mood reader, so I end up abandoning them.
    From your list, I’ve read The Raven Boys, Legend, and Ariel.
    I read a selection of Sylvia Plath’s poetry in English class last year. I did my Interactive Oral Commentary on “Sow.” Her poetry is so amazingly written and heartwrenching.
    I haven’t read Kafka on the Shore, but I’ve studied The Elephant Vanishes Stories.

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks! It’s a lot(!) less prescriptive than it seems. I find it very, very difficult to finish challenges where specific titles are named, but if it’s a category (and these are super broad too), it’s way easier. And obviously it’s pretty flexible. I mean some people would probably class my “sci-fi” pick as just “literary fiction”, but it felt like sci-fi to me. The hardest categories for me were: the book by/about an indigenous person since I agonised over what counted as “indigenous” and the obvious ones (Aborigines and Native Americans) don’t really interest me much… and the Pulitzer/Man Booker/National Book Award winner published in the last 10 years, but I did end up finding at least two choices that seemed interesting to me (and ended up reading something else! haha).
      So, yeah. Have another look at the categories and I think you’ll see what I mean about how they’re mostly super(!) broad. I’d recommend you give it a go, though. Even if you just skim the list and try a few of the categories. After all, it’s not to agonise over; just to find new places to get stories that you might not usually think to try, right?

      ((I read The Bell Jar and loved it so I tried Ariel and was very impressed. I think she’s a poet I can get along with even if I don’t always understand absolutely everything…hehe

      I can’t honestly recommend Kafka by the Shore, unfortunately… I had a lot of problems with it, but I’ve realised I’m not keen on any of the longer Murakami works that I’ve read.))

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