(5) Book Blog Exploration

So what is Book Blog Exploration? Every now and then I will share 5 new blogs or oldies that I found/discovered/really appreciate. It’s all about sharing the book blogging love (despite the fact that I am a horrible commenter).

My kuddoes to them for their hard work. If you’re not on the list it doesn’t mean I don’t love you but maybe that I haven’t discovered you’re awesomeness yet! If you have a book blog and want to be added to the list, just drop a comment, and I’ll add you!


(5) Book Blog Exploration

Pages & Pineapples

Why do I love them? This book blog has a great layout but in addition to it, the content is great and fun. Paloma has branded her blog as a lifestyle/book blog and it has a great fun vibe where you can read about the books she loves as well as a few other gems.

Favourite Post/Series? Her Unpopular Opinions post was hilarious and there was a part near the end where my jaw hit the floor. She’s so funny!

Marvel At Words

Why do I love them? I’ve recently stumbled onto Wendle’s blog and I’m very glad I did. She’s an engaged writer so while I’m a bad commenter, I always find myself responding to her posts in my head.

Favourite Post/Series? She takes part in the Top Ten Tuesday meme and I always look forward to the list she’s cobbled together in response.

All Things Wordy

Why do I love them? She’s a fellow UK blogger and she always writes such thought provoking posts! I just like her content to be honest, we don’t necessarily read the same books but there is always something for me to click onto when I’m browsing.

Favourite Post/Series? THE HARRY POTTER TAG. GO READ IT. Caps off, OK.

The Orang-Utan Librarian

Why do I love them? I’m a big fan of lists or discussion posts, I do read reviews but at the end of the day I know they’re just the person’s opinions. But this blog has a healthy mix of everything and the list or tag posts are great for exploring new books!

Favourite Post/Series? Overhyped Books list- I disagreed with half of it but I loved their explanations for everything. Just look at the comments, it’s so lively!

The Lunch Time Librarian

Why do I love them? Oh I just love the vibe of this blog! It’s got a good geeky fun feel to it, plus it’s massively engaging. She’s also a ridiculously prodigious writer, how does she find the time to blog so much?!

Favourite Post/Series? I think NaNoWriMo people would enjoy her Nuts for NaNo posts!

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About Claire (BWB)

It's Claire (aka Quirky) from Bitches With Books, an online book blog that serves up a healthy dose of book reviews, lists + literary madness.
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8 Responses to (5) Book Blog Exploration

  1. pagesandpineapples says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention Claire! I love seeing recommendations for book blogs I might not otherwise have found.

    My blog, being new, still has lots of wiggle room when it comes to branding. It’s kind of an experiment. Who knows if the “lifestyle” portion will stick at all – but it seemed like a good catch-all for any non-bookish crap I happen to also find interesting… 😛

  2. moosha23 says:

    Aw, thanks! I feel very very happy right now – I’m at a point where life is taking over my blogging schedule and I just don’t have enough time now to visit and comment on blogs like I usually do. So seeing this really brought my spirits up, thanks for appreciating my blog so much guys, I’m so chuffed I can’t put it to words.

  3. Oh Gosh, I’m extra flattered. I’m so happy you like the blog! I often struggle with the feeling that I’m actually not blogging enough every week haha so it’s nice to know that it’s more than enough

  4. Wow! Thank you for mentioning me! I really appreciate it! And I’m excited to check out the other blogs on this list! 😀

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