Something Borrowed + Something New: September 2015


Hey everyone! So I’ve been thinking: I’m pretty active on Instagram and one of the things I love most doing is taking what I think of as Currently Reading selfies! I love sharing this and I wanted a way to display that on the blog so I figured I’ll incorporate it into my obsessions.

Now, it’s called Something Borrowed + Something New because I’m an active book borrower and I occasionally buy bookish items. So each month what I’ll so is share either a bookish selfie or discuss something bookish that I’ve borrowed and bought! It won’t always be a book, it might be a cool bookmark I bought or a cheap little tote. I don’t believe in amassing things and I’m not a big fan of book haul posts (it it’s a bit showy… no? I guess I’ll discuss this in another post) so it’ll range from the bookish to geeky from cheap to… maybe £5 worth if I feel faaaaancy (and some of those darn totes make me yearn so hard). So here we go!

Something Borrowed + Something New

IMG_20150831_215808 IMG_20150910_220759


I borrowed Perfume by Patrick Suskind from a library in Islington, London and I loved it so much- I can’t actually even describe how much I loved this. It was also my Book of the Month for September and so worth it. I’ll do a review someday when I can suss out how to do the book justice. Plus, ta-da, these shots are pretty much how I document my books on Instagram. I’d love a new camera but alas, my Samsung will have to do. I’m also not terribly creative photography wise so now you’ll get to see all of my chipped nail polishes, rings, sleeves and wrist tattoos in these selfies as well!

But first can we talk about how amazing this cover is? Plus it’s a good little size and it fit into all of my pockets (all of my many, many pockets). I want to buy it and I think I will for Christmas.


Technically I bought Yes Please in August but I wanted to share this one anyway because I read it in September and it impacted me the most during that month. I bought it as a Birthday Present to myself (26 *sobs*) from Waterstones (gotta get those points tho’!) and it will forever sit on my bookshelf as an amazing addition to my library (which, when I get bookshelves, will be so sexy with books and Funkopop figurines and book ends).

Yup, so this post isn’t meant to be big or in depth but just a fun way to share 2 items and photographs that meant something to me in the month.



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5 Responses to Something Borrowed + Something New: September 2015

  1. oooohhh, “something borrowed, something new” sounds incredible! looking forward to more of these!

    • Claire (BWB) says:

      Thanks! I was thinking of that old wedding phrase, something borrowed, something new, something blue. I hardly own any blue so I figured, I should just go with the first two!

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  3. I have yet to read Yes Please but really would like to check it out! It’s also my first time hearing about Perfume- so glad to hear you loved it! Will be looking forward to your review, Claire!

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