Literary Listings: Bookish Food

Claire: We’ve all read that book where they describe whatever they are eating and it sounds so good that you’re immediately hungry and have to have it? Yah, well Nikki and I are going to try and celebrate some of our foodie favourites in fiction today! In doing research for this entry I came across the blog, Fictional Food, where the blogger notes her experiences with food in fantasy and a few dystopian novels. I’d recommend checking her blog out!

Literary Listings: Bookish Food


Okay! This is a weird one for me because I generally dismiss food in books. I don’t like reading food descriptions because they make me hungry which is very distracting when reading (it’s hard to read and eat unless you’re listening to an audiobook). So it’s taken me a while to think about some, but here they are:

1. Alice in Wonderland

eate cookies drink me

From a book I haven’t actually read…yet(!) but everyone knows the story of, are the “eat me” cookies. And, of course, I’d wash them down with the Drink Me potion. I bought the book at my local secondhand bookshop, and it’s on my “this year..!? TBR”. I don’t know if the book describes them at all (I’m only assuming they actually exist in the book…!), but the Disney film has them (and when has Disney ever led us astray by butchering any famous stories, eh??) 😉 haha

2. Matilda


OK! This food I remember well since it was integral to one of the scenes in the story and it sounded soooo good. The rich, delicious, moist, perfect, massive chocolate cake that Bruce Bogtrotter is made to eat.

3. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

gillyweed yosushi

This is a weird one because I know it’s not described very deliciously, but I’m curious about gillyweed in the same way I was curious about that green slimy plant thing at Yo! Sushi (it turned out to be seaweed). In fact, my curiosity about the capabilities it allows pale in comparison to my curiosity about its taste alone. I. Am. Curious.

4. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

harry potter cauldron cakes

I didn’t actually want to do two Harry Potter picks, but my sweet tooth is hankerin’, so here we are. The idea of Cauldron Cakes makes me think of those 5-minute, microwave cakes (which, by the way, I have tried and ended up with a disaster-in-a-mug…would not recommend). But I feel like if they were done right, they could be lovely (the same could probably be said for the failed mug-cake experiment actually). I’m just imagining all the different flavours they might come in too! Chocolate fudge (of course), lemon poppyseed, red velvet, coconut, peach, carrot…the list goes on and on!

All this fictional food has given me an idea for a possible challenge to read 10 books with food in the titles…But maybe next year 🙂



The foodie moments that stick out to me the most are from my favourite fantasy novels, when I couldn’t possible replicate or actually cook what they’re describing but I can still fantasize right?

1. Cauldron Cakes & Butterbeer- Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling

Yes, yes, yes and all the yeses to all of the Harry Potter food. Bless Rowling for her imagination because Butterbeer is something I need in my life right now. A few friends and I tried to make our own alcoholic version once, it didn’t come out too bad but we got smashed (we dissolved butterscotch candy into vanilla vodka and mixed it with cream soda, again, totally smashed). I can’t wait to go to Harry Potter world and get some!

Also, Cauldron Cakes are also amazing and though mentioned briefly, you only need say the word cake and I am there.


The legendary butterbeer.

2. Lembas & Miruvor- The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

I’ve written a post in the past where I imagined what a modern version of Miruvor tasted like but the actual version mentioned in the book. It’s described by Tolkien Gateway as such:

Miruvórë was the nectar of the Valar made from Yavanna’s flowers, poured during their festivals in Valinor. In her lament, Galadriel recalled that “The years have passed like swift draughts of the sweet mead”.

It was supposed to make the drinker feel warm and invigorated. So, where can I get some? Cause I need it, badly (because… winter is coming).

Also, Lembas bread sounded nice, making you full with a single bite (and that’s all good for you Legolas) but I’d be like a hobbit and scarf down 3 or 4 before I’d feel any sensation of fullness.

Lembas Bread


3. Mulled Wine- Game of Thrones by G. R. R. Martin

Look, I know what mulled wine is now but when I first read the books in 2011 I had no idea what mulled wine was. I’d never spent a winter in a cold place and wasn’t too interested in drinking something hot while at the beach at home in The Bahamas for Christmas.

So what did I do when I came to the UK? Oh man, the first Winter festival I came across I went and bought some and fell completely in love. I even purchased a goblet and found a seat by a fire in a pub and felt all fancy and Winterfell-like. I just needed a direwolf by my feet and I’d be fearsome and amazing. I am still a big fan of the mulled wine and when I spent Christmas by Nikki in 2013, I bought some and we dined together. Amazing.

4. Turkish Delight- The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis

I feel like I’ve talked about this before, have I talked about this before? But again, the reason why this makes it onto the list because as a child I only ever imagined what Turkish Delight could taste like when I read about it. It isn’t something you’ll ever find in The Bahamas, so I thought it must be so good, so sinfully sweet if you’d be willing to sell out your family and friends for a taste of it.

I still remember the first time I had it, it was good (though I don’t think I’d sell out my family for it, a huge piece of cake maybe, but this? Nah bruh) and so so sweet. It tasted like roses too- is that typical? Showing my ignorance again!

Do you have any foodie favourites? Are there moments when you’ve just had to have whatever the character was eating?



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11 Responses to Literary Listings: Bookish Food

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  2. curlygeek04 says:

    When I think of books and food I think of Like Water for Chocolate. But these are great picks, I’ve never forgotten the Turkish Delight in Lion Witch and the Wardrobe — so much more mysterious because I had no idea what it was.


    My dad used to make Bruce Bogtrotter’s cake. We had a Roald Dahl recipe book, and it was in there. It was AMAZING but so so so rich.

  4. The Alice in Wonderland cookies, part of that cake from Matilda, the Cauldron cakes: YES. More than welcome. Lembras sounds perfect for in the morning. Just a few bites and you are full 😀

  5. Jackie G. says:

    I love Turkish Delights! And I’ve only ever had rose scented Turkish Delights, although I have seen lemon ones at my grocery store.

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