Claire x Nikki Review August 2015


Claire x Nikki Mash Ups



August: Was both our birthdays (not on the same day)! 🙂 YAAAAY! Sadly we didn’t get to celebrate together. Boooo! 😦 But I went to Liverpool for the first time ever! YAY! 🙂


birthday happenings

And on Sunday the fella and I went to a falconry in Thirsk! Don’t ask me where that is. I just hopped in the car and was taken there! All I know is that it’s in Northern England. And it was super cool! A massive vulture named Ethel swooped (really close!!!) over my head and I let an owl named Bandit sit on my hand. YAY!

Thirsk falconry

And there’s been some really great conversation on the blog recently! Thanks, everyone! We really love chatting about books and preferences and tips and book-related observations, and you always have such great stuff to add to the discussion!


Books Read

Sadly, because my August was pretty busy/distracted I didn’t really read much at all and barely made a dent in my Asian August plans. Crumbs… I guess I’ll just continue it into September!


*actually I borrowed all the single issues that make up the fifth volume of Saga from a friend

Out by Natsuo Kirino

Book of the Month

Miscellaneous Favourites:

unbreakable kimmy schmidt

TV: Yet another feminist comedy work: Netflix original series (co-created by Tina Fey), The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! Now, it’s not on quite the same level as Parks & Recreation for me personally–it’s a little bit more slapstick–but it was definitely a really fun two day binge session devouring the first season. The theme song is super catchy and I will definitely be watching next season.

*Claire’s 5-Cents: I approve of this new addiction, it’s not as great as Parks & Rec but still hella funny*

Food: I finally tried making pancakes (from scratch!) again after a 6-year-long hiatus following the disaster of my first ever attempt to make pancakes and this time…they were perfect!


Website: I’ve been visiting daily since my decision to really get back into French. My French teacher is so great! She’s really friendly and patient(!). I’ve been doing one lesson a week for the past six weeks and now it looks like I will be starting regular chats with a language partner or two (which is free: you just set them up with people on the site whose target language is your native one and whose native language you are trying to learn). I’ve also been trying to write “notebook posts” (little texts in my target language) regularly and francophones correct them for free and have been super helpful in answering all the questions I have about the corrections. Likewise, I’ve been trying to answer people’s language questions about English and correct notebook posts from people trying to learn English. #CommunitySpirit!

App: But I haven’t fallen off the Japanese! I don’t think I mentioned it in a favourites round up (though it really is worth of it) but I learned hiragana and katakana using the Dr Moku’s mnemonics app for my phone which was great! Then someone on told me about the Human Japanese app and I’ve been loving that too! Although I already know a lot from Dr Moku about the kana, it’s been great at giving more background information and instruction on pronunciation with little in-text activities. If you’re also learning Japanese, I recommend both apps! 🙂



August has been a trying month for me. I made it to the final round for a job I really wanted but didn’t get it. I just completed (more like bombed, but Nikki will row me out about not being positive enough, so let’s go with completed) two interviews in Oxford and I haven’t heard from them yet and I’m refreshing my email like crazy and I- I just need to calm the hell down.

I’ve also moved out of my hell-hole room so, if I don’t get the jobs, well, at least I have a nice room in southwest London now? I’m renting a small room in a family home (they’re Caribbean, yay!) and it’s tight, but cosy. It’s certainly warm so no complaints! They have two cats and my goal is to make Oreo and Lou-Lou like me. Somehow. I’ve already been scratched by Lou-Lou though.

As Nikki mentioned, we both turned 26 in August and though I wanted to see her, I did have a good time. I went to Kent and visited a friend and we made so much food. One night we had curry and fries and I somehow managed to make a giant curry-roti-fries sandwich that was divine. So much weight gained, but so much good food! All in all, August was trying but it did go by quickly. Now, I just need to find a job (mine runs out as of next week Friday, so, errrrrr, I am panicking).


I hardly ever buy books these days ($$$), but I received The Sleeper & The Spindle and Yes Please from my Father and Grandmother. I bought Out (for super cheap I might add, sometimes second hand is all you need to be happy), and loving it.


OMG, was that my only post for August? I AM ASHAMED.

Books Read

I didn’t get to read very much this month, I was mostly working on job applications but I did manage to squeeze these 4 in. In other news: AWWWWW NIKKI SET THIS UP FOR ME GUYS! She went on my GoodReads and noted all of the books I read! AWWWWW.

Book of the Month

Out by Natsuo KirinoNikki and I share our Book of the Month! I loved Out, and though I admit I was terribly intimidated when she chose it, I am so glad she got me to read it because now I am trying to find other books by the same author. I think they’d be absolutely brilliant. I’ve even gotten a friend into them she’s asked to borrow the book and I know she doesn’t crack spines or tear pages, so she’s good.


TV: I’ve always been a fan of NCIS, but for
some reason I decided to rewatch the entire show in August and I am currently up to season 7. I love the banter between the characters and I sort of envy it actually. They are most definitely a family! Plus, Abby, oh Abby, she’s amazing.

Uhh, other than that there hasn’t been much going on this month, did get to visit Daunt Books in Bank the other day and expect a post on that soon! I am ashamed to say that I am super addicted to this game-app on my tablet, Restaurant Story 2 where I have become a whizz at making an omelette (why do I like these games so much?!).


How was your August?


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