Holiday Reading


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I’m not going on holiday this summer (booo) and, although I don’t think too much about what I bring, I like to bring some good books along. It’s usually just one of the many books I’m currently reading. But I guess I tend to lean on faster-paced contemporary reads instead of my usual classics and heavier reads. Non-fiction of the pop-science/pop-psychology variety is always a hit with me too. Just anything you can dip in and out of easily in between your holiday activities or for reading in a long go while in transport. Last time I was on vacation I sped through RJ Palacio’s Wonder (wiping my eyes as inconspicuously as possible). Right now I’m reading Out by Natsuo Kirino.

What types of books do you like to take on holiday?

Do you have any recommendations?

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17 Responses to Holiday Reading

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  2. Jackie G. says:

    Hm…now that you mention it, I have a tendency to read non-fiction books during vacation as well. Bill Bryson books are always a hit on holidays!

    • Nicole says:

      OH! I am ashamed to say I haven’t read a single Bill Bryson book even though my dad’s probably read all of his books and I’m pretty sure(!) I’d really like them. Gotta do it!
      Yeah, non-fiction doesn’t get a lot of fanfare, but I think they do make really great holiday reads. It’s easier to dip in and out without interrupting the flow of the book or your holiday activities! 🙂

  3. Claire (BWB) says:

    I think you should read Lirael

    • Nicole says:

      I already have! I read both Lirael AND Abhorsen last month! I definitely telegramed you about Lirael…though I’m not sure if I talked to you about Abhorsen.

      • Claire (BWB) says:

        No you didn’t! Not about Abhorsen anyway

        • Nicole says:

          WELL. In short: I preferred Abhorsen. But Sabriel is still the best book in that series (by far…!!). I’ll check out Clariel at some point too. I’d like to see what Belisaere was like back in its heyday.

          • Claire (BWB) says:

            Sabriel is hands down the best book in the series. Clariel is my least fave. So in rank:

            1. Sabriel
            2. Abhorsen
            3. Lirael
            4. Clariel

            • Nicole says:

              I have yet to read Clariel, but so far my ranking is as follows:

              1. SABRIEL!!!!(!!)

              2. Abhorsen
              3. Lirael

              The … is for how far behind each one is from the other ones haha :’)
              I don’t really want to buy Clariel because I’m just not sure…and my library has the ebook, but I’d rather hear Tim Curry read the audiobook to me… But I don’t even think an audiobook exists (at least not one voiced by Tim Curry…siiigh).

              • Claire (BWB) says:

                I will never buy clariel. nah. I …suggest you do the audiobook

                • Nicole says:

                  My library doesn’t have a Clariel audiobook though (and Tim Curry never recorded one for Clariel…Actually, I don’t know if one even exists!) so it’s just the ebook and I tend not to read ebooks more than 200 pages long so I don’t know how to resolve this!! :S lol
                  This was going to be the first series I ever finish too….siiigh. 😦 I duno.

  4. I went to the beach 3 weeks ago and all I brought was my e-reader. This is where e-readers come in handy the most. I wanted to bring the big tome I’m reading, The Emperor of All Maladies, but I stayed with the e-reader and read some great YA fantasy and post-apoc books.

    • Nicole says:

      E-readers seem to be popular for holidays! Bizarrely enough, I think I need less choice or I don’t read anything (and feel like I haven’t accomplished anything haha). I’m also starting to see a fantasy trend…! I can definitely understand why. But then…is there ever a bad season for fantasy stories? (I think no…haha) 😉

  5. This is where my e-reader comes into view. This vacation I brought my e-reader and 6 physical books and that worked great 🙂 I like to bring lots of fantasy and fairytales with me. Vacation is THE time for me to read some chunky fantasy books.

    • Nicole says:

      This is why I often think it might be good for me to get an e-reader! But on the other hand, I have to just admit to myself that I’m the kind of person who sometimes is paralysed by too much choice. The less I bring, the more likely I am to read it all. The more I bring, the more likely I won’t read anything :S ugh!

  6. Honest to God truth: I have never been on vacation. Not a true vacation. I have been to two conferences out of state, and on two “trips” – but they had pre-scheduled activities or I was having to be “on show” for somebody’s family. (Spending a week with my now ex-fiance’s family in Pennsylvania at home all day, every day was NOT how I envisioned that “vacation.”)

    I didn’t have the opportunity or funds to go anywhere this summer either. Booo! *whispers* Next summer…next summer 🙂

    The first two times I didn’t take any books with me since it was only a 2-3 day conference…although I think I took my Kindle the second time because I would have had it then. When we went to Pennsylvania I took my Kindle and read review books on it.

    • Nicole says:

      Oh man! But I completely understand. Recently, I haven’t been anywhere (of my own doing) in what feels like ages. For me, it’s always either time or money–having both at the same time just doesn’t always happen. When I still lived with my family, because they liked to travel quite a lot, I could count on two vacations a year so I’ve got a big travel bug that is very difficult to satisfy these days…ugh!
      I really hope you get to give yourself a super great holiday soon though! It’s always good to refresh the mind that way I think.
      Good call on the Kindle! It means space isn’t an issue for you so that’s great! I don’t have an e-reader though so I usually just read on my phone which can get annoying to say the least…haha So I’ll be stingily weighing up which books I take 😥

      P.S. Sorry I took so long to get to this reply! August has been a little busy :’)

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