Claire x Nikki Review July 2015

BitchinRundownA lot has gone down in July. SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON!

Claire x Nikki Mash Ups

We didn’t do any other mash-ups? Oh we are bad….


This month: The fella and I got to keep RUBY again!! Yaaaay!

rubyThis time we had her for two whole glorious weeks instead of just two days. And, believe you me, shenanigans ensued.

But now she’s gone back home and I don’t know how to live anymore. But my clothes are no longer covered in hair so I guess there’s that. 😦

As for reading…


Books Read

Book of the Month

 Miscellaneous Favourites:

House guest: Ruby

rubyTV: Claire has (pretty effortlessly) made me a total Parks and Recreation convert.

leslie knopeFood: Mikado


Band: Depeche Mode. Because every song is gold…even though they’re from the 80’s (oooh buuurn, 80’s! burrrrnnnn!)

I have since been informed that they are not screaming “JUDE LAAAAW!” in Wrong (song in the video) but I am always too lazy to find out what they’re saying and I don’t think it would matter anyway.



Oh my goodnesssssss! I miss the blog so much. I’ve been a bit busy this month and my computer is broken, so I’m doing this on a not-ver-user-friendly tablet. So, July! It’s been full of highs and lows, I found out that my best work friend has quit and I will miss her terribly. It’ll be an excuse to meet up with her out of work and chill though.

In good news, utter random and good news, I saw a job I liked and bugged the heck out a recruiter who decided to actually give me a shot! I’ve had 2 interviews for a company I love and I don’t know the result, but everyone. please cross your fingers, I really, really want this job! I haven’t been able to read as much because of it- doing prep for interviews and writing job essays, but I am sincerely hoping to get in some hardcore reading.

In other July news, I went to YALC this year and had a blast. I love the general comic-con bit as well. It was great fun being around all those books and listening to the lectures. Up next? Operate have fun with Rinn!

Some shots from July, I said goodbye to a dear friend who bequeathed her entire tea collection to me. I also got a new umbrella featuring work by one of my favourite artists Gustav Klimt.



Books Read

Books of the Month

This month I decided to read a Robin Hobb book. This month, my life changed. This month, I fell in love. She has some problems in that she takes a bit long to get to the point but I love her work. You’ll be seeing some reviews coming up and if you’re a fan of dragons, oh my goodness, get on this book right away!


Movies: I treated myself to Jurassic World this month and it was surprisingly good. It’s cheesy and I have issues with that chick running in heels but it’s genuinely good. It’s all about the Chris Pratt for me, I wish he got to joke around a bit more though.

That’s about it fo the favies though, haven’t had much time for music or even TV. Sigh, I miss TV.

DividerHow was your July?


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5 Responses to Claire x Nikki Review July 2015

  1. moosha23 says:

    First of all OH MY GOSH RUBY IS SO CUTE! She’s absolutely adorable. I think I’m in love *.*
    This month seemed pretty cool (but seriously, how are you surviving without her? Stay strong Nikki!).
    Also Robin Hobb is brilliant isn’t she? 😀

    • Claire (BWB) says:

      I am so mad that I haven’t met Ruby yet. SHE LOOKS SO ADORKABLE. UGH. AND actually, it was your recommendation that prompted me to pick her books up. Do you have any other fantasy faves ?

      • moosha23 says:

        Ooh I remember now! Raymond E. Feist is another author I’ve heard good things about! The Icemark Chronicles by Stuart Hill is brilliant too. 😀 I’m glad you liked her books!

    • Nicole says:

      Honestly; it has been REALLY hard. Especially coming home and she’s not there waiting at the door excitedly ;_; And I miss all her stupid mannerisms. All those unsolicited handshakes!!
      And I’ve already been on sooo many dog adoption websites staring wistfully into the expressive eyes of all the happy widdle pooches… sigh.

      But I’m hangin’ in there………!

      • moosha23 says:

        *sobs* I feel ya Nikki. I didn’t even have Ruby and I can’t imagine letting that sweet girl go. 😢
        Hope it gets better as time goes!

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