Ordered TBR list

I like to go through my whole TBR every now and then to route out the books I’m not that jazzed about and take them off the list. I like my TBR to be as short as possible. I’ve realised that a weird mini bout of almost-anxiety grows the closer my list gets to 340. I don’t know why that number. Even 341 would make more sense because I could pretend it has to do with the number π. All I know is I want my TBR to reflect the books I’m most curious about* and to be reasonably tackle-able.

*My TBR tends to exclude many novelty/coffee table/reference books I’m interested in. Those tend to go on my Waterstones wishlist.

Anyway, it just occurred to me that every time I browse my TBR thinking of books I might want to check out next, I always go straight to the last page. I think this is probably common, as those later additions will be the ones you were probably excited/intrigued by most recently. So I thought, instead of always doing that (or simply reordering my TBR to list books in the opposite order…), I’ll try actually using that default ordered list function on the TBR shelf!

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 17.44.57

You can either use the up and down arrows to change the book’s position or just change the number and click “save position changes” (which is the faster way to do it).

And it was a task.

Basically, I went through looking at books I had easy access to first: books I own, books my library has, classics that cost £1 or less from Nook or Kobo. I also considered books I am likely to buy very soon. Those all went to the first and second pages of my list more or less. Then I tried to predict what I might feel like reading soonish. Now, if you know me, you’ll know I’m really bad at following specific reading plans like that, so just think of it as subtle suggestions I give myself.

ordered tbr listSo. I currently own all of these books (except Sputnik Sweetheart). Generally speaking, comics tend to be unscheduled and will pop up into my reading as well as the occasional short story, but this is what I’m thinking. This is absolutely not fixed, though! I change the order around as I see fit and if this doesn’t happen in exactly this order, I’m not too bothered; it’s just meant to be a guide. I might be misguided in thinking I can put my future whims in order at all, but the process of doing this was bizarrely satisfying.


Do you set yourself specific books to read next? Tried the Goodreads ordered list function yet?


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10 Responses to Ordered TBR list

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  3. DoingDewey says:

    I’ve never been this organized about my reading! I’m impressed! I did recently make myself go through and get my to-read list shorter than my already read list, but it’s not ordered in any particular way.

    • Nicole says:

      Oh wow! My read list is only 172 so I think it might be pushing it for me to try to get my already fairly streamlined 334 TBR down to less than my read list even with my regular TBR tidy ups 😦
      Do you ever find yourself sort of forgetting the middle bit of your TBR most of the time? That’s what I’m hoping to fix by going through occasionally and lining up my next 5-10 reads (though I never quite keep on queue…haha)

  4. Dana says:

    My TBR shelf has 437 books, and it grows by the minute. I definitely don’t have the patience to order them. Besides, I’m very much a mood reader, so there’s no point to prioritizing certain books. I just read my ARCs first then pick whatever I feel like reading afterwards.

    • Nicole says:

      I’ve only put the first few (10ish) of mine in proper order with maybe the first page and a half loosely ‘planned’…But I, like you, am a mood reader and I have to admit I haven’t been adhering too closely to my order… It’s definitely more a logical suggestion based on what I already own or have access to at my library hahah

  5. Claire (BWB) says:

    I didn’t even realise it could do that! Hmmm…. interesting. I don’t really set books ti read next, I always find that when it comes time to read them- I don’t feel like it?

    • Nicole says:

      Pfffft I have already read two unscheduled comics and a short story so whatevs. But I like the idea because putting it higher in my list keeps it fresher in my mind and I’m more likely to pick up something I currently own before buying something new…! That’s the biggest benefit really. When I set books to “read next” it usually just means “some time this year as opposed to some other year…maybe even in the next few months!” haha

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