Claire x Nikki Review May 2015


Claire x Nikki Mash Up

No joint posts this month…other than this one 😦 Poop. But let’s see what we did get up to!


This month: I (and Claire) voted in both the Parliamentary and Local UK elections! HOORAH! I was disappointed by the results of both. siiigh. I went down to Cardiff to hang out with my mum and brother and gran which was ace and I snagged a great 50+ year old Monet print and two model boats from my gran. I’ve bought a lot of books this month!! Like ten at least? That’s a lot for me. I wish I hadn’t. Gonna have to take a book buying break. Then it was my fella’s birthday and we saw Mad Max. So good! It was like watching a Borderlands movie. Perfect. And we got to keep this beautiful, attention-seeking lump for a few days:


Say hello to Ruby!

She belongs to my boyfriend’s family but we were looking after her while they were on vacation instead of sending her to a kennel which she hates.

I started feeling some burn out this month so I might take it slow for a bit, but I’m excited about next month! I’m going to the East London Comics and Arts Festival where I’ll get to hang out with Claire (waaaay overdue!!) and hopefully will get my favourite comic peops to sign some stuff for me. And since ELCAF happens to fall on my payday, I’ll probably be getting a wee comics haul too! I know I said I’d do a book buying break in the paragraph just above Ruby, but an ELCAF comics haul doesn’t count because it’s also for work and it’s an irregular event…?? Yeah.


Books Read

  • Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett (author) & Jon Klassen (illustrator) ★★★★★ kidlit
  • Mr Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown (author/illustrator) ★★★★☆ kidlit
  • The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt (author) & Oliver Jeffers (illustrator) ★★★★★ kidlit
  • The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels (Little Black Classics #20) ★★★☆☆ politics
  • None of the Above by Rick Edwards ★★★★☆ politics
  • When Angels Speak of Love by bell hooks ★★★☆☆ poetry
  • Akissi by Marguerite Abouet ★★★★☆ graphic novel/kidlit
  • How I Became Stupid by Martin Page ★★★☆☆ comedy
  • Hug Machine by Scott Campbell ★★★★☆ kidlit
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School… by Davide Cali ★★★★☆ kidlit
Book of the Month

Book of the Month

Miscellaneous Favourites:

Song: It’s probably gonna have to be The Hardest of Hearts by Florence and the Machine (Having a bit of a nostalgic uni revival? I don’t know..)

TV: I’d been hooked on Fringe for a while (I don’t know why because it’s kind of stupid…but fun). I’ve sort of been losing interest with this new dumb story arch they have going in the fifth (last) season, but the show has introduced me to my first celebrity I want to fangirl over*: Jasika Nicole. I discovered this month that she happens to also be the voice of one of my favourite characters in Welcome to Night Vale—Dana—and she illustrates and sews and is just all around cool.

*Don’t get me wrong, there are some celeb ladies and lads I think are cool, but none elicited this kind of fangirl response in me…until now! haha

Podcasts: I’m a total This American Life-er now, but it’s hard to get episodes on my phone because they expire. BUT my fella found a new one called RadioLab which is in a very, very similar vein which I can listen to back episodes of on my phone and I’m diggin’ it.

Films: Mad Max! MAD MAX! MAD MAX!

Aaaand two more shots of Ruby because I miss hanging out with that pumpkin! 😦

ruby ruby

My favourite house guest: Ruby



May! Oh May! It went by so quickly. Those double holiday’s really did do the trick though and I enjoyed 2 long weekends immensely. My graduation is next month and I am so excited! I will see my bestie and another geek friend at Oxford. I technically finished my degree in September but the only graduation I could go to was in June. I also see Nikki for a great convention in June, so June is going to be an amazing month.

This month was a bit difficult for different reasons. I’ve had to call the police twice because where I live isn’t the safest area and the people I live with aren’t… always safe to be around. I’ve come to love my room though and feel safe when I am within it’s warm confines (I have the best portable heater ever, YES!). I’ve read so much and I’ve met up with friends, been to museums, walked around Piccadilly, gotten lost in China Town and stumbled across Soho. I love it! My job isn’t going well and I absolutely hate it. Can’t stand it. But I will survive, because I want a career. Yes. I also got tickets to YALC! I got the weekend package so anyone going? Let’s meet up!


City Reading Styles
Review: The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave #1)
Review: The Sin Eater’s Daughter (The Sin Eater’s Daughter #1)
Literary Listings: 5 Books I Read When I’m Stressed
Review: The Voyage of the Basilisk (A Memoir by Lady Trent #3)

Books Read

The Bees by Laline Paull
Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama
The Bone Dragon by Alexia Casale
Broken Homes (Peter Grant, #4) by Ben Aaronovitch
Whispers Underground (Peter Grant, #3) by Ben Aaronovitch
Moon Over Soho (Peter Grant, #2) by Ben Aaronovitch
To Hold the Bridge by Garth Nix


Books of the Month



Song: Dream Lover by The Vaccines is always on the radio at work and I’ve come to love it, enough to jam to it at home. Ridiculous video, but good song.

TV: Ohhhh, my heart. So many tv things going on right now! Who here watches Penny Dreadful?! If so, can you please tweet me so we can discuss the latest developments. I’ve been mostly following Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the tv version to my love of Harry Potter. I love this show and this past week I’ve rewatched Season 1 twice. I just have a pretty stale sense of humor so if it makes me laugh, I cling to it.


*drops mic* Seriously, she’s my kind of woman. Terrifying and so funny.

How was your May?



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