Feminist Reading Recommendations #1

The always excellent, Bitch Magazine gave me the idea to suggest some really great feminist book recommendations. Let this be the first of a series.

By “feminist book” I mean that I’ll try to make my suggestions mainly ones that somewhat address issues of the patriarchy rather than just ones with strong—as in complex—female characters (though I may occasionally feature books with strong female protagonists and no overt ‘bring down the patriarchy’ angle too).

The recommendations have varying levels of subtlety, anger, humour and hope.


I’ve tried to have a mix of genres, but the format of everything this time around is ‘short fictions’: short stories and collections, novellas, short poetry collections. And I think I’ll probably categorise future instalments of Feminist Reading Recommendations a little bit too… non-fiction, comics, middle grade/YA, etc…

Do any of these interest you?

Do you have a genre you’d like me to investigate and/or give some feminist recommendations for?

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2 Responses to Feminist Reading Recommendations #1

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