BWB Book Awards 2015

Best male character: Mogget

Best female character: Mogget

Best pet: Mogget

Best series: Abhorsen series

Best line: “It’ll probably be worse.” – Mogget, Sabriel (Abhorsen #1)

Most sass: Mogget

Best coat: Mogget

Best demon form: Mogget

Best book cover:

Looks like Mogget.

Looks like Mogget.


*Claire’s 5-Cents*:

Nikki did this as a trick for me, because I love this character so much and he’s sheer amazingness so now I get the last laugh as I have posted it! Mwuahaahahahaha! We had a fun conversation on this… how do you all pronounce Mogget? I say it sort of french like, like Mo-jay and Nikki said she says it like Mog-get, like Nugget (and as she said this I pictured a Mogget Nugget and I burst into a fit of snorting giggles). Anyway, this is us having some blogging fun, Nikki you have won this round! I shall get my revenge!


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4 Responses to BWB Book Awards 2015

  1. moosha23 says:

    Ah this Mogget character must be something if it’s won all the awards. 0.0
    (I pronounce it Mogget-Nugget too).

  2. barefootmegz says:

    This is funny! Yeah I pronounced it Mogget… and I loooove Mogget. And yes, I also laughed at the image of Mogget-Nugget – too precious!

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