(5) Magical Me: Claire’s Stats


We all know this to be true, I am wondrously obsessed with Harry Potter. Wondrously obsessed. I’ve devised my own schedule in the past, and I figure, why not go the full thing and just plan out my entire Harry Potter world persona? Well here it is! It’s a simple survey of sorts and you’re welcome to replicate if it you’d like, just link back to this post and Bitches With Books, to give credit, that would be splendid. Also, if you drop a link from your post I could visiiiiiit!

So in this world, this feels like the makings for a fanfic or book actually, I received my letter at 11. My parents never left London (Fun fact! I lived in London when I was 3, 4, and 5 but my parents left because they hated the cold). One chilly day, August 5th, 2000, an owl comes smashing into my kitchen causing much pandemonium. My mother, trying to squash the poor owl with a pot and my dad opening the window shooing it out. My sister? Throwing shoes at it. Me? I dove under the table and my poor brother is crawling to pet it. I get the letter, I open it. Much magic ensues. I’m trying to make some sort of order for this, so I hope it makes sense.


1) Hogwarts pet: Cat, because I’d be homesick and want something furry to keep me company. Preferably a grey one with green eyes? Why? I’m not quite sure but there is a cat that looks just like this that is stalking me around my apartment complex and I figure I’d get one like it in the HP world! I name her Frida, after my favourite Muggle artist.


2) Wand: I don’t know the significance of it, but it looks pretty darn cool.


3) Quill: Something small and practical, with a solid grip. Maybe a solid eagle feather? I’d be quite fond of fancy inks though and I’d use Muggle sealing methods, with wax and stamps to give my letters flaire, and a nod to my Muggle roots. I’d still magically seal my letters, for protection. I’ll hate writing on parchment, trying to find a way to persuade my professors to let me use notebooks.

4) House: Ravenclaw for life! I’ve gotten Slytherin on Pottermore, twice, but I’m just not admitting it. I’m not a Slytherin. I’m a mix of the two but the Sorting Hat took my pleading into consideration and I join my feathery fellows in Ravenclaw. I’ll get locked out often though, I hate riddles.

5) Top 5 classes: You can read the full list with explainations here, but in brief they are, Transfiguration, Charms, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Defense Against the Dark Arts.

6) Bottom 5 classes: Divination, Potions, Herbology, Care for Magical Creatures, Astronomy. I don’t care for plants and I know I’ll spend much time running from blast-ended-skrewts.

7) Surprise talent: Charms and Transfiguration. I’m quite organised with a dedicated personality. I think the hard application of spells would well suit me with due practice. Once one knows the incantation and the right movements, with determined focus, they master spells. This appeals to me because I don’t have much patience for abstract thought. I’d enjoy Defense Against the Dark Arts but I’m not the quickest thinker so I might end up flying into a wall.

8) Go-To Defense Spell: Reducto!

9) Go-To Transfiguration Defense: I’ll transform you into a tea-cosy.

10) OWLS (The ones I didn’t fail): Charms, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, Care for Magical Creatures, Herbology, Astronomy, Ancient Runes, Muggle Studies, Arithmancy, maybe Potions. Maybe.

11) NEWTS: Charms, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Potions.

12) Patronus: Honey badger. My coworkers and best friends and I have had much discussion about this and I’ve come to the conclusion that my patronus would be a honey badger. Small and slightly aggressive, but also terribly fun loving and loyal. Just don’t piss it off.

13) Animagus: Honey badger.

14) Career: Curse breaker for Gringotts or transfiguration or charms teacher.

15) Future: Successful career as a curse breaker travelling around the world for Gringotts. In my spare time, I write for the Daily Prophet about my experiences with the Muggle World and cultural differences in magical countries. How is magical London different from magical Bahamas, for instance? I also stick to my Muggle roots and blog, from an anthropological perspective, hiding my magical inclinations.


1) Favourite treat: Sugar quill.

2) Least favourite treat: Licorice wand.

3) Favourite snack: Cauldron cake.

4) Least favourite snack: Pumpkin pastie.

5) Favourite drink: Butterbeer!

6) Least favourite drink: Pumpkin juice, eughhh, I don’t like pumpkin anything.

7) Guilty food pleasure: Edible dark marks.

8) Favourite game or sport: Gobstones, hyah!

9) Least favourite game or sport: Quidditch, I’d watch it but goodness, I’d never get on a broom unless I absolutely had to. No way in heck. As an adult I master Apparition very quickly.

10) Favourite magical creature: Fascinated and terrified of dragons. Fond of Unicorns and MerPeople. A big advocate for the rights of creatures and “Human-Creature Hybrids” (Is there a PC way to say this in the magic world?).

11) To Hat or Not To Hat? I’d never wear a hat unless it was required of me. Wizarding fashion be damned, I freaking hate hats.

12) Robes, in fashion or just a wooly distraction? (Bahahaha, that rhymes!) I’d love robes. I am the laziest dresser ever, so I’d shirk muggle clothing for simple robes in my favourite colors: deep reds, jewel greens and sapphire blues. They wouldn’t be too long though, knee length tops.

13) Favourite past time? Magical photography and painting. I’m a huge art person, going to art school for 2 years and I know I’d be determined to make my own magical painting friends, watching my drawings, paintings and art come to life. I’d make an army of painted figures.

14) Favourite Diagon Alley haunt? Flourish and Blotts with all of their lovely books. I love books, so it fits that I’d have a prodigous library in the magical world.

15) Biggest Cheat in the Muggle World: I hex gas and electricity meters to give my family the proper heat they deserve (we all hate the cold) and do so for Muggle families in need. My flat becomes a sauna, hot and lovely.

Well I hope you enjoy the survey… I spent a lot of time on this and enjoyed it immensely. Remember to link back if you do it! If you want to read my other Harry Potter posts, I encourage you! I have… a lot.

Would you be my magical friend?




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14 Responses to (5) Magical Me: Claire’s Stats

  1. writersideup says:

    Fun, fun, fun, Claire! Thank you for sharing all this! I actually think it gives a lot of insight into a person, even though this is all fantasy fiction πŸ™‚

  2. Anne says:

    I sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore and realized that was exactly where I needed to be. Because I don’t really fit in the others. I am pretty laid back and not very brazen, I don’t value intelligence as the most important trait, and generally am a nice person with no real crazy ambitions. I’m just a happy Hufflepuff, I went to HP World at Universal Studios and LOVED it. Bought a wand, a Hufflepuff scarf and drank a ton of butterbeer.

  3. This was so fun! What a great idea πŸ™‚ I’ve been put in both Hufflepuff and Gryffindor on Pottermore. I might just have to squeeze the time in to do this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nicole says:

    β€œHuman-Creature Hybrids” (Is there a PC way to say this in the magic world?): maybe bi-species citizen? Or cross-species person?

  5. Awesome post! I’d bring a Siamese cat (for some reason I’ve always found them mysteriously intriguing).

    Also, for favorite pastime, when you mention bringing paintings to life, I can’t help but think, “What if you were a sculptor? Then you could repair the soldiers after the battle of Hogwarts!” Or if it ever needed to be done again, as that did happen close to 17 years ago. Or even, how awesome would it be to create your own magical army and sell the pieces individually as a sort of home security method?!

    Okay. I’m done now. Thanks for sharing! This was so worth the read. πŸ™‚

  6. This is SUCH a good idea! It was so fun to read! I’m a Ravenclaw too and my animagus and patronus would be a wolf! I might do this in the future haha loved it!

  7. This was so much fun to read! πŸ˜€ I love Harry Potter, and can probably never get enough of it, haha.

    Cucie @ Cucie reads

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