Top 5 Male Characters

And now time to spotlight our favourite dudes.


1) BERNARD MARX (Brave New World): intelligent, shrewd, hypocritical, chronically frustrated, flawed but somehow you still root for him…I’ve been there too, Bernard. I also have felt surrounded by morons and injustice.


This is kind of how I imagine Bernard. I know, I know! We’re not used to seeing James Franco in serious non-cheesy-comedies. But you remember 127 Hours and Spider-Man, right?? He can totally handle this.

2) HELMHOLTZ WATSON (Brave New World): too-intelligent, too-handsome, too-perfect, humble, poet, tortured god, gentle soul, tragic…

It sounds like I have a crush on him or something, but it’s more in an “aaw poor thing” way…which seems sarcastic when speaking of someone described as being burdened by their own perfection, but it makes sense in context! (Incidentally, I am far more likely to be crushing on Bernard. Actually I am. I have a crush on Bernard. He’s such a weasel BUT he is also maybe my spirit animal?…but I am not a weasel…!?)

"Thor" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Again, this is just how I imagine Helmholtz. An aside: I could totally see Clive Owen being a perfect Helmholtz too though.

3) MARKO (Saga): compassionate, dedicated to his loved ones, mostly pretty happy-go-lucky


**Claire’s Edit** I wanted him on my list but I figured since Nikki took him, I couldn’t make him appear twice!

5) JACK WILL (Wonder): loyal, strong-willed, level-headed, funny, congenial, sociable, strong moral compass


Sort of how I imagine Jack

5) GEORGE MILTON (Of Mice And Men): ‘streetwise’, angry with the world, secretly compassionate, loyal friend(!!!), practical man with simple wants, skeptical of others


Gary Sinise actually did play George in the film, but I haven’t seen it yet…




I’m still not allowed to write about Harry Potter guys, so I cannot extoll the wondrous virtues of Ronald Weasley, or any Weasley for that matter, Dumbledore, Flitwick, any of the Maudaders (except Pettigrew). So this list won’t be filled with my Top 5 Men (who are Ron Weasley, Mr. Weasley, Lupin, Dumbledore, and Neville). FINE. Since I have to make due, here are my Top Dudes, 6, 7, 8, 9,and 10

**Nikki edit**: hahaha ♥

1) Mr. Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit): because I’ve been told that my personality is more than a passing resemblance to his, and I have to agree. He’s dedicated, loyal and willing to give danger a shot (a trait I don’t share, my adventurous friend Jess or Nikki would have to drag me kicking and screaming into one, Gryffindor I am not).

2) Meriadoc Brandybuck x Peregrin Took (The Lord of the Rings): Such sweetness, such epic foolishness. I love these two and couldn’t just pick one. They deserve a proper pairing and friendships such as this are so rare and so beautiful, I envy them.


I dedicate this gif to my partner in crime, Jess, because the two of us together are a smash up of Frodo x Sam /Pipin x Merry

3) Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games series): I quite enjoyed this character, he had a different sort of survival mode, one less agressive than Katniss’ who stumbled into fame. He carefully constructed his docile yet brave image and that takes gut and brains. I never did that whole Team Gale versus Team Peeta. Katniss is more than a fricken’ relationship and Peeta is more than a side piece, he is an epic example of bravery and love.


Stay strong Peeta!

4) Eddie Russett (Shades of Grey): An unconventional hero, Eddie Russett comes to realise the injustices of the world and says, you know what, I ain’t gonna just sit by and do nothing! My kinda bro.

5) Tyrion Lannister (A Song of Ice and Fire series): What can we do without humor? Life would be shrivled and meaningless. Dealt a hard hand, Tyrion is the pinacle of strength and brilliance. If I had a modicum of his wit, my life would be made.

Dinklage is brilliant as Tyrion.

OK, so I have to concede that this post was a bit easier to do than I thought it would be? Hmm… I’m still doing a Harry Potter top 5 men post though, I’d like to see Nikki try stop me! MWUAHAHAHAHA.

**Nikki edit**: I would actually love for you to do a HP top 5 men post. I just think HP has too many good characters that they end up just filling all the slots and we never get to hear about ALL THE OTHER fictional characters that deserve love! Just spreadin’ the love!!! PS: Neville Longbottom forever.


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One Response to Top 5 Male Characters

  1. Jade says:

    I love that Tyrion made your list and agree that Dinklage is brilliant as Tyrion in the tv series. He is one of my fave Martin characters. Which is why I fear for his life because George seems to love to break my heart falling for characters and then poof, they’re gone!

    Peeta is a good choice too. He had me at the boy with the bread. Any guy willing to sacrifice and risk his own well being (and at such a young age) is quite special.

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