More Top 5 Female Characters

I’m putting a rule (note to Claire!) that you cannot pick anyone from Harry Potter. Sorry. (Maybe I should make that a general rule. I feel like I’d find out more about Claire’s non-HP loves that way which should be more informative…! haha).


1) SABRIEL (Sabriel): smart, kind, earnest and pragmatic!(!!!)

illustration by kali ciesemier (

illustration by kali ciesemier (

2) MIDORI (Norwegian Wood): fun, lively, uninhibited


3) GWENDOLYN (Saga – first appearance vol. 2): Sass-Master 9000, hot-headed, vengeful, badass, magical, stylish, bisexual

Saga-Gwendolyn4) JANE/narrator (The Yellow Wallpaper): crazy and paranoid after suffering much oppression by the patriarchy…oooor…me at 40?

yellow-wallpaper5) MOONIE & MEI LING (Revenge of the Mooncake Vixen): bold, weird, sexually liberated, rude, unruly; Moonie is lesbian & Mei Ling is a het nymphomaniac




I don’t believe Nikki is going to try  and hold me on a Non-Harry-Potter rule, what the heck?! How am I supposed to work under these conditions?! I’m joking of course, lol, I see Nikki’s point (though I STILL think Hermoine should be on this darn list. And Ginny. And Luna. See, 3 women right there, maybe Cho and round it to 4!). I’ve done a post on this before by myself so you can go in the past and see it, I also did a post on attractive females too I think… I am noticing a pattern. I will endeavor to choose a different kick butt 5 women. I’d also like to say that from those two lists, only 3 of the 10 are HP related. HA NIKKI! I have a shelf on goodreads dedicated to Strong Females, yes, that’s a priority for me, so making this list wasn’t too bad.

1) Helen Rossi (The Historian): She makes me think of the phrase, something wicked this way comes. She’s smart, kick butt and immensely dedicated.

This is sorta how I imagined Helen Rossi to look like.

2) Seraphina (Seraphina series): Dedicated, highly intelligent and just a little bit tortured, but in a tough-girl way.

You know, this isn't how I imagined Seraphina to look but it does what it needs to do. This is from the book trailer (which, don't get me started on those).

You know, this isn’t how I imagined Seraphina to look but it does what it needs to do. This is from the book trailer (which, don’t get me started on those).

3) Fire (Graceling #2): She’s pretty darn responsible for someone a lot of people despise.


Again, not how I imagined her but so be it.

4) Serafina (His Dark Material series): Intelligent and very, very dangerous, I feel like we’d get along very well.


5) Karou (Daughter of Smoke & Bone series): artistic, driven and a little bit wild, would also be my literary BFF.


Illustration by Jim Di Bartolo


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Who are your favourite female characters? Why?


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8 Responses to More Top 5 Female Characters

  1. Hey Claire! I hope you don’t mind that I nominated you for a Liebster Award! 🙂 Details here:

  2. I need to read Revenge Of The Mooncake Vixen! It sounds fun… And that cover!

  3. I want to read the Abhorsen series this year, so I can’t wait to see this Sabriel. I love smart, pragmatic and kind protagonists. Fire is such an interesting, complex character and I adore her 🙂

  4. It’s probably Hermione from HP.
    Such a lovely post, I really liked it.
    Btw, I’m hosting a contest if you’re interested.

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