End of Year Book Bingo!

The Book Riot recently published an article about ‘reading harder’ and @rinceya (aka Rincey Reads) made an accompanying bingo card to help make the challenge more fun! While I don’t intend to officially take up The Book Riot’s reading challenge (I already have three different challenges planned for 2015), I thought it would be fun to see how many I can tick off for 2014. I’ll probably check in at the end of 2015 too (if I remember). So here we go!

My bingo card (I messily/lazily replaced “2015” with “2014” for this recap…):

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 18.35.43And this is how I did:

readharder_filledCool! Now while it’s great to see how many boxes I can tick for my genre diversity scout badge, more interestingly is that I feel I’ve just learned I’m sort of missing out on:

  1. literature by/about indigenous cultures
  2. micro-histories (which I’ve actually been really curious about for a while but just seem to totally forget about)
  3. literature from young authors

If you want to know what I thought of each book here is a list with ratings:

(I’ve linked to my reviews in case you want an elaboration on my ratings.)


[blahblah] For award winners, The Book Riot article actually lists specific awards (National Book Aware, Man Booker, Pulitzer), which don’t include the Caldecott which is what I think I Want My Hat Back was up for. While I don’t really care if a book won an award or not, I realise I’m probably missing out on some good works – perhaps the birth of some modern classics.

Guilty pleasures is a weird slot because (as I just realised while filling this out) I feel totally guiltless in my reading even about books others might feel ‘guilty’ about (i.e. picture books maybe?). But I think if I’d read any “chick-lit” (another genre I completely glance over) that would probably have gone there. [/blahblah]

Have you played the Read Harder Bingo?


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18 Responses to End of Year Book Bingo!

  1. writersideup says:

    Nicole, I’m glad you mentioned Scott Campbell because yes, I do know who he is! Must’ve skipped over his name or it just didn’t register. I’m subscribed on iTunes so on the days I can listen to a podcast, I’ll look again 🙂 Thank you!

  2. rgdole says:

    I always thought of guilty pleasure books as those naughty books people hate to confess they read…

    • Nicole says:

      You mean strictly sexy books? I think guilty pleasures includes anything you might feel guilty admitting to reading (whether that be kids’ books or fanfiction or chick lit or sex fantasies)… Or any book that is generally not so respected as ‘proper literature’ I guess. I just don’t tend to feel guilty about confessing to anything I’ve read but (maybe if I’d read it this year) I might include something like Twilight in that category though…sort of (though I don’t actually feel guilty about having read that either haha).

      • Nicole says:

        I guess fanfiction might come under “guilty pleasure” too, but I’ve never read any.

      • rgdole says:

        well maybe I only count the sexxy books cause I do feel a bit guilty about them… don’t feel shame about any of the other categories… but admitting you read something that’s just straight up about folks getting it on… just feels so wrong… but so right… lol… and I’ll add it doesn’t bother me that I loved Twilight or Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos…

        • Nicole says:

          Hahhah yeah, it’s strange when you think about it though. Why should something so universal to humanity be taboo? Sex is such a basic part of humanity (even if not on an individual level, it is part of the cycle of life not just for biological species continuation but also because people just really enjoy it and are curious about it).
          All that said, I might just be a bad influence hah! Who knows!? :’) haha

  3. writersideup says:

    This is such a great idea! I can’t participate, but love the cleverness…AND…I saw Klassen! 😀 😀 😀

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah, I’ve got my plate full of 2015 so I’m not participating either (as in, I’m not actively looking to fill out the challenges), but it’s still fun to see if you get a bingo at the end of the year. Feels more like a lucky real game of bingo that way too! haha

      Aaw I’d love to meet him! He seems like the nicest guy. 🙂

      • writersideup says:

        Agreed! I’m quite the fan of Klassen. Did you ever see his acceptance speech for his Caldecott?

        There was another good one I saw recently, too 😀

        And I am SO obsessed with the “Sam & Dave” book trailer! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it and totally watch for the little smile after Jon dumps dirt on Mac lol

        And, wow, there are a bunch here I just found that I want to look at! lol


        Can you tell I think he’s fantastic? lol

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