(Claire) All I Want For Christmas: Geek Style

Another Christmas wish list post for you today! This post is going to look at a different facet of me so it’s sort of bookish, but really, much more geeky.

Geeky Desires on a Christmas Budget

Sailor Moon

Geek1Huge Sailor Moon fan so I have to rep my love with a new key chain. I just want Jupiter, Mars and Mercury so I plan to give Venus and Moon to the sis (who likes them and would better appreciate their powers). This tshirt is also, amazing, and I find myself wanting it more and more. It’s by a seller on Etsy so click the pic to go to their shop page.

A Song of Ice and Fire/ GOT

Geek4I’ve been a huge fan of the Song of Ice and Fire series for some time. I devoured 4 of the books in one week. Mind you, I had a serious reading induced headache and stuff spun around for a while (that’s what reading for 16 hours a day, 7 days straight will do to you). I love the dress but really itching to get my hands on The World of Ice and Fire. I’ve heard the illustrations are amazing and I’m very interested in Westerosi history. Dress from BlackMilk Clothing.

Harry Potter

Geek2I solemnly swear that I really am up to no good. I really want all of these. Like, I have to get them somehow! See I’ve always been a pretty big geek and always tried to find ways to rep my passions. In The Bahamas, it is impossible to find geek merch. It was only upon going to Oxford that I was able to show my true rainbow hued geek colors and rep Harry Potter tees, or my Pikachu key chain and so on. I’m going to keep being me and go with the flow. Plus, that Hermoine light up wand is the perfect flashlight.

Dress from BlackMilk Clothing, Wand and Ravenclaw Tee from WB Harry Potter shop.

LOTR/The Hobbit

Geek3I feel like I meant to put these editions in the book post, but somehow completely forgot? I’ve been eying these editions since I saw them in Oxford, but now I’m convinced, must, get. Also.

Geek5Gaming Wants

Geek6I bought myself a 2DS (the 3D features game me massive headaches on the 3DS, so I thought, why not just buy a 2DS) for my 25th birthday (much to the chagrin of my family, which I don’t get, a 25 year old isn’t allowed to game??). I’ve got a few games now but being that these are around 40 pounds each, eh, I’ve got more luck hoping Geek Santa hears.

 We’ve all got geeky merch desires, what are yours?



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8 Responses to (Claire) All I Want For Christmas: Geek Style

  1. Cee says:


    Oooh, that Marauder map dress is sooo cute. I really need to invest in Harry Potter clothing merchandise. Gotta rep. 😉

  2. Dana says:

    Eeek! A girl after my own heart! Haha!

    You already know I love Sailor Moon, but I also have my eye on some stuff for Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Percy Jackson. I just adore all of the awesome stuff on Etsy. I really want to start my own Etsy shop, but I’ve got my hands more than full right now. Maybe over the summer…

    I’m so sad that the new DS games can’t be played on the DSLite. I really want the new Pokemon games, but right now it’s just not worth it for me to buy a new DS because I almost never have time to play.

  3. Nicole says:

    The Hobbit & LOTR editions! ❤

  4. moosha23 says:

    Awesome! I want ALL the t-shirts! (And those editions are book porn. *_*)

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