#BookADayUK 25

#BookADayUK 25: Mmmm! Most memorable food/drink moment in literature


Nikki took the book that popped up in my mind so now I have to divert a little. Like Nikki also said, it would be very easy to add something from Harry Potter (butterbeer, pumpkin pasties) or LOTR (lembas bread, miruvor) but I’m going to try and be unique here. I choose The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. I choose this because as a child, I always wanted a piece of Turkish Delight. I didn’t know what it was but the White Witch made it sound so amazing. That with the hot chocolate?! I come from a hot country so I never, ever got hot chocolate as a child (I got tea if I was lucky). Ugh. So yum.

Edmund and Turkish delight copy



I don’t enjoy reading about tasty food the same way that I hate even the concept of plastic/felt/fake food: “What am I supposed to do with that!? I can’t put that in my face. What’s the point?”…….So I don’t think I pay much attention to food in books. And an obvious option would be a Hogwarts fest or other goodies from the Harry Potter world (there are so many) but I have a pretty big sweet tooth and there was a lot of talk about cake in The Witch of Duva. I know they probably mean doughy/plain/more savoury ‘cakes’, but I don’t care. The thought of tasty, sweet, cakey goodness kept popping into my mind!

Claire’s Edits: YES, YES, YES, YES! I agree to this whole-heartedly.


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