#BookADayUK 16

#BookADayUK 16: Most memorable adventure/journey in literature


Again, I will try to not choose the same book as I have used for previous posts.

We all know of Lord of the Rings being an epic adventure and how could I not post it here?



I feel like you could get really philosophical on this challenge with metaphorical journeys, but let’s be literal here! Because ALL stories – fiction and non-fiction – are journeys (otherwise they’d be terribly boring and aimless time-wasters).

OK. Confession time! Journeys actually make me really anxious – in books and real life – despite the fact that I love to travel. I get anxious about leaving safe spaces. I get anxious about forgetting important things. I get anxious about not preparing thoroughly enough. I get anxious that everything hasn’t yet been discovered and taken advantage of in the place I currently occupy (literarily and literally). I feel like I probably share this attribute with hobbits and I want so badly to say The Hobbit for today’s challenge…but I won’t (even though I loved that book/journey and it was my “most memorable adventure/journey in literature”…Aside from maybe Sabriel which I will not(!!) mention again in this challenge!). Instead, I’m choosing Aberystwyth’s journey in Andrew Kaufman’s The Waterproof Bible to save her mum from certain doom..!


This journey takes Aberystwyth – a humanoid amphibian woman – out of water(!) for the first time and across North America on a tense and perilous rescue mission tempered with the type of off-kilter humour that is characteristic of Kaufman. I enjoyed this journey despite (/because of?) the tension and, while I don’t think Kaufman will appeal to all readers, I really love his witty, farcical writing.

Fun fact: I’ve been to the town of Aberystwyth in Wales twice.


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