#BookADayUK 13

#BookADayUK 13: Nostalgic reads! Changed meaning when I re-read it later in life


To avoid starting off a nother post with UHHHH, I’ll silently contemplate this. Until I think of something. Yes.

Choosing this book ended up being easier than I thought. I grew up with Grmm’s Fairy Tales and my mother used to read them to me all of the time. She was always semi-horrified by the details stored in this tome but nothing ever really bothered me about it.

When I was a teenager I found my old copy and started to reread the tales and oh my goodness, I could see her horror. I didn’t care because I loved the stories anyway, but the meaning totally changed!



Claire will tell you I am not a big rereader… I think it’s probably because I read very slowly and tend to soak up every last detail. When I read I have difficulty moving on to the next sentence until I have absorbed each word and its meaning and what is visually going on. Then when I go to reread I seem to remember every single thing and it just feels a bit boring or like I’m wasting time I could be spending reading something else that’s new?? Perhaps it is a disorder. Perhaps I am just slow. I don’t know. But I am coming to a point in my life where I’m considering rereading books I read a substantial enough amount of time ago that their stories have become hazy.

SO ANYWAY(!) the first book that comes to mind is Le Petit Prince. My aunt gave me the book in French because I loved French in high school and I got about halfway through and put it down (for no particular reason – I was really enjoying it). But when I came back to it this summer (in English) I picked up a lot more in it. I’m not sure how much of that new understanding is due to reading it in my native tongue and how much is due to gaining new insights about the text itself. Either way, I loved it just as much as I did then but saw a new layer of meaning that I’d missed when I first read it.




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