#BookADayUK 8

#BookADayUK 8: Best Bookshop Find

ClaireBookADay 8

Uh… Uhh….

I have so many great finds, y’all expect me to choose just 1? I’m sure that I can think of something…

Actually I have the perfect thing! I was with @theprettybooks and @girlandherbooks at Boswells in Oxford and we stumbled upon a few Out of Print items, and ugh, I loved them all! I got this Alice in Wonderland tote and a Dracula shirt.


Nicolephoto (3)

Ooop! I’m a little late :’) hehe (Not my fault! I was at a work conference in London all day and got back late. There were Sailor Moon badge lanyards and free Moomins candies!)

But back to the challenge! Most recent bookshop find I can remember (and therefore the best?) has been this book: Black Cats and Evil Eyes by Chloe Rhodes. I’ve only had time to flick through so far, but it was completely by chance that I picked it up (I glanced the cover and title as we were heading past the stairs and I was sold…I’m clearly not that hard to ensnare.) It cost more than the book I was there for, but I think it will prove a fun little read.

I wish I got more non-book items from bookshops like Claire’s awesome totebag, but I just never quite seem to do it? I think part of it is not finding anything related to a book that really means a lot to me personally? Like if there was a great Brave New World bookshop tote, I’d snap it up in a second! siiigh…One day.



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