#BookADayUK 2

#BookADayUK 2: Happy Birthday Snoopy! Favourite Fictional Dog


I never… really had a favourite fictional dog, I hardly notice the animals in books to be honest. So now I’m thinking, really thinking, of a book I’ve read with a dog in it that I was highly amused at.

The first ‘dog’ that I came up with was Sirius Black’s animagus form, because I couldn’t remember another instance of a ‘dog’ that I liked, and then it hit me! Direwolves. So the direwolves from Winterfell in A Song of Ice and Fire aren’t actually dogs, I’m stretching the imagination here. But, they were one of the few instances when the *spoilers* death of a ‘dog’ caused me much grief. So instead of a snoopy like dog, or a friendly golden reteriver, by #BookADayUK day 2 pick for favourite fictional dog is Ghost, Jon Snow’s direwolf.



I feel similarly to Claire with this one… Related: has anyone ever noticed how much more frequently cats seem to feature in books than dogs?? Or maybe it’s just the stuff I’ve been reading…


Well, I couldn’t find a picture of him (or maybe I…have?) but I’m going to say the dog from The Island of Dr Moreau…?

Also, just thought I’d post Claire’s hilarious reaction to my book “dog”:

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 09.50.54

:’) Oh man; sorry, Claire! See what you make me do, BookADayUK? I’m traumatising my friends for you!



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