#BookADayUK 1

So Nicole thought it would be a great idea if we did the#BookADayUK challenge by @booksaremybag (can someone please get me one of these bags?! I couldn’t find any when I was in the UK and now I’m back in the BS, I’m desperate!), but instead of doing it just by social media, we wanted to open it up to our blog, so we could show and curate our interests with everyone! This way, we also get to find out what yours are as well.

#BookADayUK 1: Book To Curl Up in Front of a Fire With


I’m going to have serious problems with this challenge, I can already tell that I might be posting the same books more than once? Eh heh… I will endeavour to highlight the diversity of my bookish loves, even if I do tend to fall back on the same ones, again and again!

But for real, when it comes to books and a fire, with warm tea or hot mulled wine, I prefer a book, for some reason, that has some element about the UK or snow or cold. Harry Potter is filled with fantasy and adventure, but there are amazing little cultural details that slip through that I associate with a warm fire. So boom, this is my day 1 pick.


Nicole kali_sabriel

Cosy up by the fire with a nice mug (flagon?) of hot chocolate with whipped cream and/or marshmallows (or mulled wine?) as you read about the tales of Ancelstierre, the Old Kingdom, the conflicts between Life and Death, and those who walk between them all? Yes.



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