My Apocalypse Dream Team

So EpicReads published a post about would be on your Apocalypse Dream Team ages ago. I saved it in my drafts and made a note: I should do a post just like this! The basic premise is this:

So the world is about to end and you only have a couple of hours to assemble your perfect apocalypse team with five fictional characters – who would make the cut?

I’ve thought long and hard about this (actually, not at all, I completely played this by instinct) and have come up with the following.

My Apocalypse Dream Team:

Penryn from Angelfall

I think she’d be an excellent companion for the next 2 women in my group, plus she’s very kick ass. She’s a survivor and you always need people with survival instincts if the world is going to end. She also has a heart and when I’m panicking, I need to be reminded of that.

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

She’s a survivor and a deadly one to boot. I figure if we need food, she’d know where to find it. If we need defense, she’d do so. If we need to hide, she’d help shove me up a tree (I am abysmal at climbing things). Plus, she has a moral compass and you always need someone to remind you of your humanity when everyone’s trying to kill each other!

Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter

Smart chicks are very necessary when the world falls apart. She‘s help us plan things: goals, locations, help us build protections and be basically invisible from the bad guys. Plus, if she’s your friend she’ll bend over backwards to help. Sometimes loyalty pays more than physical prowess!

Gavriel from the Coldest Girl from Coldtown

Ok so maybe he should be a wild card. I figure I shouldn’t have an all female team and maybe, 1 token guy might help? As a vampire who (if we can make him loyal that is) feels connected to a group would be very useful. There is that strong thing, and extreme speed. We’d have to walk during the nightsbut I figure that’s when you’re most vulnerable anyways!

Wild Card: Arya Stark from A Song Of Ice And Fire

This chick is a total wild card. She’s smart and she’d kick major bad guy butt- but how much would she save me? Or help me? Sorry to be completely and utterly selfish here but if it’s my dream team, I’d like to assume they’d help out and I don’t know if Arya would. She‘s help out if she was in danger sure, but me? Eh.

Wild Card: Meda from Cracked

Evil half demon chick who feasts on souls. I figure, if it’s the end of the world, she’d be a goodie to have… but could we trust her? *cue in evil music*

I notice that my team is made up of… well, killers. But that’s not so bad right? I figure if the world ends chaos will ensue and I’m really not good with chaos. I really am not, so I’d need friends to provide a little bit of body guard duty.

Who is on your Apocalypse Dream Team? Who would you weather the end of the world with?


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7 Responses to My Apocalypse Dream Team

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  2. Not too bad of a dream team! I’ve only read the first three books/met the first three characters, and I can agree that they would be quite kickass. Though I have to admit that if it were me, I’d probably go more for supernatural teammates. Like, instead of Penryn I would choose the angel (oh my, I can’t believe I can’t think of his name right now). Just because I feel like they are a little more invincible and can protect me as I cry uselessly in a corner 😛

  3. Penryn is a tough girl, I’d love to have her around. Hermione is always handy with all her knowledge and Katniss is great with her survival instincts. Arya is kick-ass, but I have to agree.. I’m not sure if she will save you when it comes to herself or you :p

  4. anniemabel7 says:

    Oooh yes, Hermione and Katniss would defintiely be on my dream team as well! I think if I had the two of them, I probably wouldn’t need anybody else. Hermione could help with strategic planning and all that stuff and Katniss would use her smarts to help us survive. So I think that’s pretty solid. Unfortunately, I don’t think I would be too much help haha. I’d just be a crying and screaming mess.

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