Literary Listings: 5 Worlds I’d Like To Live In (1)

I’ve gotten super into fandom stuff lately and had a great time talking with a friend of mine about larping and all the sort of stuff people do to forget that magical worlds aren’t actually real. So it made me think, what worlds would I actually want to live in?

5 Fantasy Worlds I’d Like To Live In

diagon-filmHarry Potter Universe (Preferably Magic London)

Oh yes, yes, yes. This is my #1. I so wish magic were real, and the type of magic specifically found in Rowling’s universe. I have trouble rereading the Harry Potter books because I finish them and know, that at the end of the day it isn’t real.

And it crushes me.

I so, so, want this universe to exist. There is so much good (and bad) about the magic universe! Spells! Magic! Wands! Broomsticks! Butterbeer! Though, I the idea of a pumpkin pastie sounds absolutely revolting, I’d pass on that. But chocolate frogs! Hogwarts! Everything! It’s a dream to go to the Harry Potter theme park in Florida, and right now I’m working on going to the studios in London when I have some free time. My mum doesn’t get it, she’s always asking, really? Still? You’re still into this?! It’s been… 14 years since I first picked up a Harry Potter book and I’ve been hooked since.

llword2Middle Earth Universe (Preferably the Shire)

I don’t want to be an elf. I don’t want to live forever (I say that now as a 25 year old and I bet in 20 years I’ll be switching my tune and cling to elfdom) and the Hobbits of the shire have something in common with me: we like to eat. A lot. I think living in a place with first and second breakfasts is good. Withtea, and elevensies, and dinner and second dinners. It’s all good!

Plus all that green! Beer! Wine! Mead! Short people (I’m short so I’d fit in) with no need for shoes! I’m packing my bags now, I’m moving to the shire.

llworld3The Magicians Universe (But… really Fillory)

The Magicians is a weird love-hate book with me and I’m going to put reviews up on it soon but so far, I’d like to live there. I’d like to live in the magic verse of Brakebills, but specifically, I think my lazy butt would quite enjoy Fillory, don’t you think? It’s relatively safe, people don’t seem to want for much. There isquiet magic and talking animals. I think I could settle in Fillory as a librarian. I’d also drink too much there with the talking bearbut I’d be fine. You’re always fine in Fillory (eh).

llworld4Sailor Moon Universe (MOON KINGDOM ANYONE?!?!?!?!)

Fighting evil by moonlight… errr, well yes. I’m quite a big sailor moon fan as I’ve hoarded the manga since I was a teen (specifically, 11 years ago, man, I feel old!). I would love to be a sailor senshi. I’d love to have powers (I’ve pretty much made up my own senshi in my head that I’d be, all burgundy and dark like!) and wear that stupid little costume and those long princess dresses and save the day!

Reality is I’d be a horrible senshibut a girl can dream right.

llworld5Oz Universe (But McGregor’s Wicked universe specifically)

I haven’t read the original Oz books so what I know probably isn’t canon but an offshoot. I loved, loved, loooooved Wicked and I loved the scholarly intrigue of Elphaba’s world! I think I’d fit right in, green skin or not. Plus, Elphaba and I would have been BFFs. Yes.

What 5 worlds do you want to live in? If you could leave Earth as we know it and enter a magic door to take you to another place, where would you go?! Right now my #1 is the magic universe in Harry Potter, but these other 4 come pretty close! This specific world-building obsession post is a series, so in the upcoming weeks expect to see 5 more worlds I’d love to live in and 5 worlds you’d never catch me dead or alive in.



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29 Responses to Literary Listings: 5 Worlds I’d Like To Live In (1)

  1. I would love magic to be real and have Harry Potter world too! My son and I were just talking about this tonight.

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  4. I think I would fit in with the Hobbits more than I ever would with the elves. I need my food and partying and copious amounts of beer!

  5. Jessica @ Rabid Reads says:

    HP is #1 for me too, and by a long shot. Middle Earth is definitely on the list as well, along with Kate Daniels’ Atlanta, Kim Harrison’s post-Turn Hollows, and another Ilona Andrews world, the Edge and the Weird from The Edge series (yeah, I’m kind of an Ilona nut 😉 ). Fun post!

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  7. Yes, the Shire all the way baby! As much as I love HP and all its magical haunts, I think the Shire is where I’d really fit in. I love working outside, and eating, and going barefoot! The fact that I’d be tall around there is also appealing, I hear ya on that one.

  8. sureasmel says:

    I can’t wait to see your review of the Magicians. I had a lot of thoughts on that one.

  9. Still waiting for my Hogwarts letter. I guess you can kind of imagine you’re at Hogwarts sometimes? 😛 And we have the exact same reasons for wanting to live in the Shire. If I could teleport myself there now, I’d happily give up all technology to live the leisurely life of a hobbit. *sigh*

    My five would be: Hogwarts, the Shire, the X-Men universe (but only if I get to be a mutant), the Mass Effect universe for its amazing technology and sexy aliens, and Thedas, from Dragon Age 😀

  10. I’m 46 and reading the HP series. I’m excited because I will be going on the HP tour in England in a few weeks. I can’t get enough HP!!

  11. Dana @ The Nerdy Journalist says:

    Yes! I would love to live in the Harry Potter or Sailor Moon universes!
    The school I go to is really old and designed in the neo-gothic revival style. Students like to jokingly say that we go to Hogwarts. It’s even funnier now that we have a new principal whom we call Voldemort.

  12. Annie says:

    I think the only world I love enough to want to live in would be Harry Potter. Other places I think are interesting but I think I’d rather just visit from time to time like Narnia. Super cool but I don’t think I would want to live there. Harry Potter, on the other hand, is somewhere I would move to in a heartbeat!

  13. Oooh I love this! Even though I only know #1 and #2.
    I’m currently listening to HP in audio and it’s GREAT to revisit the world. I agree: I so wish I could live there. I’ve never been to London but Magic London sounds great. And Hogwarts…
    The Hobbit wasn’t really my favourite book, but I loved the Shire. And, haha, I’m also super short! And green is my favourite colour. When I apply to jobs I don’t apply to places that don’t have green surrounds, for real.

    • Claire (BWB) says:

      I understand that completely. When I tell people I prefer DC to NY they’re all like… why? And I always say the same thing: trees. Im scared if I have to move to london and won’t see any trees 😦

  14. Great picks! Harry Potter’s London would be my choice. Never thought about Oz from Wicked but that’s awesome too!

  15. HP will always be my number one. It would be amazing to walk around in that world 🙂 I’d also love to live with the elves somewhere in the forest from Lord of the Rings. I think my other worlds are set in fantasy stories as well. There is just something about them, with the magic and endless possibilities, that speak to me. Perhaps at Seven Waters.

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