Huuullloo! I’ve got a surprise for everyone today, in that this post is the first introduction of our new writer, Nikki! She’s amazing, hilarious and very, very honest. We’ve been friends since I was about 11 I believe, and we managed to make it work despite my moving around way too much and her flitting off to the UK the first chance she got!

Now we’re in the same place and we argue tons but we love each other just as much. We also read completely different things. I mean completely, she’s the Bell Jar to my Harry Potter. We’re very different readers, and as such experience the bookish blogosphere and book world completely differently. So I think everyone will find her posts refreshing! We can’t have you being tired of my dragons and continual love of all things women-protagonists. So let me just let Nikki talk. When she posts you’ll be able to tell, plus she’ll have her own little section thingy. When I figure out how to do it first tho….


“From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down, I convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend on reading it.” —Groucho Marx

I used to be a self-confessed reluctant reader…Sort of. I have always loved the English language, learned to read very early and, having decidedly mastered the skill before my first day of primary school, just stopped giving a damn about books (though I never lapsed in my love of words). This all changed at a snails pace over a period of about ten years. I couldn’t point to an exact moment when or reason why, but I can say that once the transformation was complete, one of my closest friends, Claire (your dear Bitches With Books blogger), coerced me into joining Goodreads. Now, despite being a slow reader who doesn’t much care for re-reading books however enjoyable I found them*, I feel free to admit to myself I am a book person.

I am also an illustrator by profession. A verbose one who commits run-on sentence atrocities as often as humanly possible. The other day I was just saying how weird it is browsing books to read and thinking as I see every other book: “Oh! I know the illustrator who did that cover! Oh neat; That’s so-and-so’s cover!” and I feel super connected with those books in a dumb way that I imagine not all readers get to experience.
MooncakeVixen_bookcover2 Despite being such close childhood friends, Claire and I don’t always agree on…well, a heck of a lot sometimes! :’) Nonetheless, she invited me to do a guest post or two (which we are plotting while rubbing our hands together the way evil geniuses do) and I imagine it should be fun, if nothing else. I hope you guys enjoy it. If not, I’d rather you just bite your thumb at me than stab me with a rapier in the town square. I’ll get the message.

*Maybe being such a slow reader means I synthesise particularly well(?) because it’s hard to re-read a book and not feel I already know everything I’ve read verbatim.


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  1. Welcome Nikki! I look forward to your posts.

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