Casting Director: The Magicians (The Magicians #1)

CastingDirectorSo I was inspired by Angelfall to start this new feature where I basically ‘cast’ people for the imaginary film in my head! Yes, I know, terribly exciting.

So think of this as The Magicians meets attractive 20 somethings.

Quentin: Jay Baruchel

So, skinny, geeky and whines a lot, Quentin is a very special character and I’m pretty sure, after seeing The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, that Baruchel would make a great Quentin. He’s got the whiny voice but I can see Baruchel bringing in tons of maturity to the character (when it decides to grow up that is)

Do you think he’d be magical enough?

Alternative: Michael Cera

Alice: Juno Temple

I quite like this young actress. I’ve seen her in such a random plathora of roles, I think she could do shy, painful Alice initially and then kick it up a notch as she grows and matures into a strong person.

I can’t remember Alice’s physical description, to be honest, I tend to quickly read over those parts unless the character is different from the status quo, but I think Grossman describes her as a blonde?

Alternative: Shailene Woodley

Eliot: I Have No Idea

Eliot is a toughie to cast I think.

He’s actually the epitome of the conflicted binary in a way, he’s good looking to one end yet half of his face is ‘scarred’ (I say scarred because I don’t know how else to describe his facial uniqueness). He’s a swuave popular kid with the right amount of geek and the right amount of aloofness to make him cool and desirable. Yet he is broken.

I’m drawing up a blank with this one, so, yah.

Juliet: Emmy Rossum

So Juliet is interesting, she’s geeky yet desirable. I think she’s described as blonde in the bookbut I’ve made her a brunette here because I think Rossum would be perrrrrfect for her.

Why? Have you seen Beautiful Creatures? I disliked that movie, waste of time, but the one person that stood out to me was Rossum. She did beautiful, desirable and twisted all in one. She did innocent yet terrible.

I think she’d be great to chart Juliet’s growth in the series.

Henry Fogg: Jared Harris

Every film I’ve seen him in, he’s either the bad guy or the geeky professor type.

I’ve seen him to dark and twisted and I’ve seen him do enlightened, and Henry Fogg (aka, Sir) is one confused character in the sense that he is both nonchalant and aloof yet fierce about his school and students.

I can see him doing some magic with Quentins hands… that sounds a bit off… but if you’ve read the book, you know what I mean.

Penny: Richard Madden

So, I do watch a lot of television and films, but as you might have guessed, my range or knowledge of the actual people in the films is a bit… limited.

So Penny was a toughie and I don’t think that I can commit to Madden for the film 100% but, I think he might be a decent Penny. We’ve seen him do the tough guy routine as Robb Stark and there is a lot more to Penny than his fierce temper and insecurities. He’s complex and maybe this guy can bring it out too?

So what do you think of my magical cast?!



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7 Responses to Casting Director: The Magicians (The Magicians #1)

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  3. m says:

    by juliet, do you mean julia?

  4. I love how you used the Batman facebook picture. Hilarious!

  5. Yay, fantasy castings! My book group did one for The Name of the Wind, they’re fun =)

    I read the Magicians last… autumn I think? As I said on Goodreads, I enjoyed it but it wasn’t quite as magical as I wanted it to be. It’s not *quite* Harry Potter for adults, in that it doesn’t give me all the feelings that HP does – that would be quite something to live up to I guess, but it doesn’t even get close.

    I don’t know the actor you’ve picked as Quentin, but I reckon he looks the part at least. I like your suggestion of Michael Cera though! He could definitely play Quentin’s wimpy side well, he’s played soooo many similar characters, haha =) I like Juno Temple as Alice too.

    I think actors/actresses who are known for perhaps ‘quirky’ roles (like the two above!) would fit pretty well in a film version. It’s a strange book, but it’s still an adult book and kind of pokes fun at itself in a way/

    • Claire (BWB) says:

      Yeah, it’s like it’s YA yet very adult at the same time. I’m on the last few pages and got to a major scene with alice (for the love of spoilers, I won’t divulge what) and my heard is in so many places. Of all the characters, I’ve liked Alice the most. I relate to Quentin in some way, the ever defined quest for true happiness, but god he is a whiny bastard.

      But I do like the series and I do enjoy the book (though the second section in it was pointless in my opinion), and I am looking forward to reading the second soon and the third when it comes out in August!

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