A Well-Read Jaunt: Platform 9 ¾

awellreadjauntI spent this past Saturday in London, which was my first real time in London actually. My excuse for visiting the city was to attend a conference, however, it was boring as can be and I ditched it half-way and jumped into the Underground to explore.

Somehow I ended up at Kings Cross Station, which was completely by mistake, I was trying to get to the Picadilly line and I think I took the train in the wrong direction. However, when I realised where I was I ran to see if a Platform 9 ¾ actually existed and it did! There’s a wall and everything that mimics the station where Harry had to run through, and a shop selling all kinds of goodies.


It was super exciting. I didn’t get my picture taken by Hedwig or the trolley, I’ll save that for a date when I’m with friends. However, I did check out the store and I got myself a few lovelies. I purchased a keychain, postcard and chocolate frog. I was most excited about the chocolate frog. I got the Hagrid card and now I feel all competitive and want the others!

awrjapril5awrj2april2I wanted more stuff, alas, I am but a broke student, so I couldn’t pick up Hermoine’s wand. I really want that wand. Or the Harry Potter school book set. Or the different versions of the Harry Potter series. Or the Platform 9 ¾ shirt. Or the Ravenclaw Quidditch jumper. I really want that jumper.

The store and experience, was nice though it very packed. Full of kids and littluns running everywhere, and a few teenagers (I overheard a few looking at the Gryffindor mug saying, “Oh that’s so cool! I love the lion, which house is this though, who was in it?” Needless to say, I felt a moment of snobbery, because come on, Gryffindor is the most popular house?! HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW ANYONE, of the MANY AWESOME PEOPLE IN THE SERIES, who are IN IT?

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10 Responses to A Well-Read Jaunt: Platform 9 ¾

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  2. Anahera says:

    That’s awesome! 😀 I hope you get to go back with friends, and hopefully with less other visitors so you have more room and time for peaceful looking around. 🙂

    Mmm, chocolate!

  3. I love Harry Potter and so, this post was absolutely incredible to read! I would love to go to London to visit King’s Cross and also go on the WB Studio Tour. One day!
    -Scott Reads It!

  4. Sooooo awesome! When I went to London, I just had to stop by and take photos there, too!!!

  5. We used to have these choco frogs in our stores! Such a shame that my mother threw all the cards away years ago. I’d still love to have them, haha. I can’t wait to visit this place 😀

  6. Tara says:

    AghhH! I am so jealous of the 9 3/4 visit! I went to London about a year before I read Harry Potter, and immediately wished I could go back and see stuff like this. I’m glad you got out of Oxford for a bit and got to play in London!

    • Claire (BWB) says:

      Haha thanks! My next stop is to get to the Harry Potter studios. My Bday is in August so maybe then?? I hope you can make it to London soon! When do you leave for awesome South Korea?

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