ARC Review: The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare (Alex Wayfare #1)

Blurb: For as long as 17-year-old Alex Wayfare can remember, she has had visions of the past. Visions that make her feel like she’s really on a ship bound for America, living in Jamestown during the Starving Time, or riding the original Ferris wheel at the World’s Fair.

But these brushes with history pull her from her daily life without warning, sometimes leaving her with strange lasting effects and wounds she can’t explain. Trying to excuse away the aftereffects has booked her more time in the principal’s office than in any of her classes and a permanent place at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Alex is desperate to find out what her visions mean and get rid of them.

It isn’t until she meets Porter, a stranger who knows more than should be possible about her, that she learns the truth: Her visions aren’t really visions. Alex is a Descender – capable of traveling back in time by accessing Limbo, the space between Life and Afterlife. Alex is one soul with fifty-six past lives, fifty-six histories.

Book: The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare (Alex Wayfare #1) by M. G. Buerhlen
Publisher: Strange Chemistry, 2014
Genre: Science Fiction, YA
Rating: heartheartheartHalfHeart
Source + Date Read: Netgalley ARC + March 2013
Recommend: For those that want a bit of time travel with their coming of age stories.
Book Pro’s: Angesty teenager meets man, man makes her realise she’s not crazy.
Book Con’s: WHAT WAS WITH THAT ENDING? Talk about all the feels man.

I think this is the lowest score I’ve ever given a Strange Chemistry book, which is weird, because I love this publishing house immensely. I’m not biased, I’ve just freaked out over everything they’ve come out with so far for 2014.

That being said there is nothing wrong with this book, it’s not bad, but I couldn’t give it a 4 because I didn’t love-love it, I just liked-loved it. It’s an interesting take on the time travel story and there were a number of issues that the author brought up in this novel that I found quite fascinating.

Greed: The notion of greed and what one is willing to do to get what one wants is frequently brought up in the book. Of course it’s the bad guy that’s greedy. He uses people, things, the past to get what he wants now. He’s smart and I really do think he could be likened to a sociopath. He’s a real bad guy. The protagonist, Alex, also showed a moment of greed though: she was hungry for the past and willing to break rules to have what she wanted. Mind you, what she wanted wasn’t to use people or things up and spit them out, she wanted friends, she wanted love. So I figure her for her greed.

Companies That Control Too Many Things: That’s a long title, but you get the point, there is an overarching, terrifying company that seems to have its hand in so many honey pots, that they clearly have more than a few hands. It’s terrifying that one company, started by two men, were allowed to get so far, to delve so deeply into nepotism, bribery and overall world-domination.

Being A Teenager Sucks: Well, we are reminded that once again being a teenager sucks. It just sucks and for Alex it extra sucks (I can’t say too much without basically spoiling everything) but the overall teenage suckage is lessened and simultaneously exacerbated by Alex’s time travelling ability (which the author creatively reboots in a refreshing way, I quite enjoyed a time travel, sci-fi novel without the whole giant machine and gung-ho attitude).

Overall, I would highly recommend this book to YA and Sci-Fi lovers that want something with a unique twist.

Total Score:heartheartheartHalfHeart
Recommend? Yup!



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8 Responses to ARC Review: The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare (Alex Wayfare #1)

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  3. I must say that Strange Chemistry is becoming a favorite for me too! I really liked their books so far 🙂 I haven’t read many sci-fi and I’m only starting to appreciate it now, so I might like this!

  4. DoingDewey says:

    I really like the title of this one! And 3.5 stars isn’t bad, although I’m glad you’ve found a publisher for whom that’s a low rating! It sounds like they’re a great match for you 🙂

  5. Sam says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the book! I’ve also nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out:

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