Yes I Read Your Posts (But I Suck At Commenting)


So let me clear the air here for a bit: Yes, I do read posts from my favourite blogs, but you wouldn’t know because I’m a weird ghost in the background haunting your website. Why, pray tell, do I do this? I will say it’s not on purpose all the time. But most of it, I must confess is because *Big Breath* I suck at commenting.

My Phone and I Don’t Get Along

I read blog posts daily on my phone, especially when I’m on my way to work (I work in a small café where I botch coffee orders and can’t tell the difference between a latte and cappuccino), at work or in between classes. So this means that I tend to read things on the WordPress or Bloglovin’ android apps, which is great because it means I had a few minutes to laugh and smile and make notes about the many blog posts I’ve read (which, for every 10 minutes can be around 6 or so). But, my phone and I have a secret love-hate relationship and though it lets me read the posts, a lot of the time I can’t figure out how to comment. It just won’t let me!

I’m Not The Most Creative Commenter

This is terribly embarrassing, but I don’t want to be that person who says, Interesting, or Great post! (though I often think it is!), but when I comment I want to say something really cool or insightful, something that digs deeply into a fundamental part of the post and half the time, due to my quick reads or blog breaks (those 10 minutes when I have nothing to do and I read posts), I can’t come up with anything witty. So I tend to read, hit ‘Like’ and move on. If I remember, I’ll add the post to my Bufferapp and repost it another time on Twitter to share the love.

I Forget To Comment

I often have tons of posts tabbed up on Firefoxand I am dead set to comment after I’ve finished an assignment or when I remember, but what happens in between? I forget to post and completely click out of the page (I did that once nad had 50 pages lined up, I was so mad at myself!). It’s crappy habit.

What’s My Lesson?

Comment then and there. I’m really trying to get into commenting more, taking my time reading things and blogging in general. I hope things will slow down a little once break starts again in two weeks.

The moral of the story folks is, don’t assume that because I’m not commenting that I’m not aware or paying attention to the blogosphere. I know what’s going on, I read alllll of your beautiful posts. You just can’t tell because I’m that awkward ghost in the background.



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27 Responses to Yes I Read Your Posts (But I Suck At Commenting)

  1. Nicole says:

    I was just talking about this post again today and the phenomena of how it seems like comments are so in decline these day… SO I was compelled to comment again lol! WELL I stand by my thinking that it’s better to comment something generic than to not comment out of fear of not being ‘original’ or ‘insightful’ or whatever. I mean as far as the poster is concerned, people just aren’t engaging with their content. “Maybe no one cares. Maybe they think I’m boring. Maybe no one is reading it. Maybe I should just stop posting?” And maybe they will just not bother sharing? Which would be unfortunate. But even if you get 100 “This is cool”s and “Interesting post”s at least you know that people have read it and have taken the time (even if it’s just 2 seconds) in this world of ‘favs and likes without comment’ to say SOMETHING and confirm that they are paying attention. I personally appreciate every indication that people are engaging with the content that I produce and would rather receive 100 generic comments of appreciation with good intention than no comments because people don’t want to seem ‘unoriginal’. And I mean, I would hate to be a nuisance to anyone by commenting ‘too generically’ for them… But I have to say, I think that person would just be being ungrateful to be annoyed by someone responding positively to them. SO they can just take my enthusiasm in whatever ‘generic’ form it might appear to come in (not like it’s detrimental to anyone) or leave it (and I’ll be on my merry way and won’t bother with them. whatevs.)!

  2. Miss J says:

    I too hate posting comments that aren’t insightful or original! So when I read a post and can’t think of things to say I find I don’t post a comment even though I really, really want to.

    I also don’t post comments if I’m reading on my phone, it just feels too complicated haha.

    However I love people that comment! If only I was more creative in my comments on their posts!

    Jord @ Miss Book Reviews

  3. Tara says:

    So, funny story. I read this post when you posted it (it came to my email, like always) and thought, “I should comment on that.” And then I spaced out. I just saw it linked on someone else’s weekly round-up post (which I have now forgotten who, and will therefore fail to comment on that post). So what I’m trying to say here is: I feel ya. Commenting is HARD, but let’s be honest — we’re all human. You’re in school working your butt off and so am I, so commenting is pretty low on the totem pole of daily tasks (let’s not talk about the crucial things higher up on the totem pole that often don’t get done, like “shower” and “sleep”).

  4. wrkreads says:

    Phone commenting sucks. There are usually way too many hoops to jump through. I have totally done the open 50 tabs and accidentally close Firefox thing too. I’m usually horrified when I do, because most of the blogs I had up I don’t follow all the time, I just stumble in occasionally. Try to find those again…

  5. annie07 says:

    I think I’ve started commenting better but still, it’s pretty hard for me. I definitely agree with not the most creative commenter. Some people write comments that besides being insightful are hilarious and genuine and I don’t feel like I’m that type of commenter – though I wish I were. So sometimes I’ll just scroll through the comments and see everyone else who’s already commented and feel like there’s nothing else I can add on.

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  7. Cee says:


    But really, I totally understand all theses reasonings, especially not being the most creative commenter and forgetting to comment. I want to say something that will add to the discussion about my experience (and not just repeating what the post has already said).

    I am very pleased that you have been reading my post. I had no idea! You should’ve told me so I can sprinkle you with love! ;D

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  9. Anya says:

    Haha, I totally know how you feel! I read blog posts in the morning when eating breakfast (and not feeling social) or during class where I don’t feel bad reading the text on my feedreader but don’t really want people sitting behind me to judge me for opening up actual blogs XD I’m trying to make sure I save interesting discussions for a time when I’m up for commenting and since I can mark “keep unread” in my feedreader, I’ve been managing that all right, hence this comment 😀

    • Pabkins says:

      Its hard to go back and comment if you’ve read the post and you were doing something else. I read frequently on my phone as well and it SUCKS to comment on a phone. So you’re not alone.

  10. ionaenglish says:

    I so have this problem, I’ve been trying to improve over the past couple of weeks but most of the time I have no idea what to say or I just feel like what I have to say really isn’t that important so I don’t comment at all which makes it strange for me when my friends on the blogosphere think that I’ve not read their blog in a while and I’m just like “I was on it this morning”.

  11. sureasmel says:

    I also have this problem. And on a totally unrelated note I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Perfume, I’ve been trying to read that forever.

  12. I love commenting, even when I don’t always leave a long one. It’s great to feel appreciated when someone leaves a comment 😀 But I agree, it’s definitely important to leave at least something that shows you’ve read the post instead of just ‘it’s great!’ Me and my phone don’t go together, I can’t even tweet without making embarrassing mistakes, haha.

  13. Anne says:

    And typos/weird caps. Le sigh.

  14. Anne says:

    Commenting on a phone is an awful experience! I’m always worried of typos and auto correct fails! I’m doing it now because I too read blogs on the go on my phone. I usually try to comment right away because I will forget to do it later. But I agree wIth you on the original comments. If I can’t think of somethin to say that isn’t just “good post,” I just like it. I’m okay with that. That’s what the feature is for!

  15. Nicole says:

    I LOVE commenting :3 I don’t always have something original/constructive to say, but I try to share anyway (and a share opinion, even if ‘not original’ is nice to receive all the same I think). I agree, though, it’s hard to comment on everything. Actually the biggest commenting conundrums for me are when I have an opinion but it’s hard to put into words (like my goodreads Handmaid’s Tale review for example…haaah) and I don’t do the comment justice (or choose not to comment) siiigh.

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