Literary Listings: Attractive Female Characters

I’ve seen these posts on the web, and I figure, why not do one myself? I’ll do one for the mens later, me thinks (maybe, I don’t know how likely that’ll be) but attractive women are abound today!

Attractive being physically, mentally or just being an awesome character. And it was so hard to narrow down this list to 5 women but these are the ones who stuck in my mind first! These women all have something different to make them extra-special.

Attractive Female Characters

Hermoine Granger from the Harry Potter series

Oh dear Ms. Granger, why couldn’t you be real? Why? Well I always thought Hermoine’s character was quite stunning in her weirdness and know-it-allness. It’s her flaws that make her especially graceful and beautiful (inside and out) I think!

PS. Do you know how hard it was to find a picture that did have Emma Watson in it? I gave up in the end.

Penryn from Penryn & the End of Days series by Susan Ee

Imagine Jamie Chung right next to this and you pretty much have what I imagine Penryn to look like.

But in general, Penryn wasn’t a damsel in distress nor was she a pig-headed protagonist set on saving the world with no physical or mental abilities to do so. Know, Penryn knows her shit, and she’ll be damned if someone hurts the people she loves.

Christina from the Divergent series

I’ve always likedhonesty, and though Christina does take it to a new and almost painful extreme due to her Candor upbringing, she is nonetheless an attractive person.

She’s smart, she’s witty and she’s willing to play the sidekick when her friends get it into their heads to do something crazy. That’s not so bad I think.

Arianne Martell from A Song of Ice and Fire by G. R. R. Martin
(Illustration by © Elia Fernandez)

We don’t get much of her in the Song of Ice and Fire series and meh, I wish we had more! She’s a deceptive one, and her cousins, the Sand Snakes are also terribly interesting and seductive as well.

Arianne is a smart though, entitled and spoiled, viper. She’s also a bit refreshing because she’s not ashamed of her body or womanliness unlike other maidens in the SOIAF series (though is this good? G.R.R. Martin seems to only be able to portray a few kinds of women, either those tethered by patriarchy or those who use their bodies to the opposite extreme. Danaerys and Brienne are only a bit remotely different. Melissandra as well maybe).

Skeeter from The Help

I loved this girl! She was so refreshing. She sort of reminds me of my grandmother, who would have been right about her age in the time that The Help is set in.

Skeeter starts off as an insecure duckling but blossoms, quite quickly, despite the machinations of her “friends”. She also has gumption, delving into something as difficult as race in 1960s Mississippi. I think she’s a loveable characterand I so wish she were real or based on a real person.



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  4. I’m so glad you included Christina! By the end of the Divergent series, Tris was really getting on my nerves, and it was Christina that stuck out – how she was such a great friend to both Tris and Tobias.

  5. Hermione is a DEFINITE. I’m still not sure about Rowling’s description of her as ‘plain’ – why do the clever ones always have to be plain? – but I get the impression that she grew into her physical beauty. Of course she was always amazing because of her intelligence.

    • Claire (BWB) says:

      Yes why are the clever ones plain? Why can’t they just be awesome. Why’d she have to shrink her teeth to be pretty? Hmmm… Yeah but I agree, she grew into it me thinks… that and she settled into her insecurities, making her a well rounded person.

  6. Anahera says:

    I adore Hermione. Ever since I picked up the first Harry Potter book when I was a young’un, I adored her. 🙂

    You talking about Skeeter from The Help makes me want to read the book more! It’s been sitting on my shelf for a while, and I feel so bad about not being able to read it. Haha!

    • Claire (BWB) says:

      It’s worth a shot me thinks, it starts slow but THe Help is so, so, so worth it.

      Hermoine was my childhood hand, I wish, I wish I had her attention span.

  7. I would be best friends with a real life Hermione! Especially in the later books, where she isn’t only the know-it-all.

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