Casting Director: AngelFall (Penryn & The End of Days #1)

CastingDirectorSo I was inspired by Angelfall to start this new feature where I basically ‘cast’ people for the imaginary film in my head! Yes, I know, terribly exciting.

I’m also doing this because I think it’s interesting what or who people imagine characters to look like when reading. I am intrigued by this because I remember reading an article where the Hunger Games caused all kinds of trouble because of it. People were upset that Cinna was black (he’s never really described ethnically is he?) or that Rue was black in the films (Even though she is clearly described as brown skinned in the books. Clearly). I was also a bit surprised for certain cast choices, being that I was distinctly under the impression that Katniss was not white, or well, semi-olive looking or somewhat appearing of Native American descent. I know I was pushing it but in my head, she was brown and then the cast Jennifer Lawrence (And don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Jen-Law fan!) I was bit like, well, eh.

So now we get to the meat of it! Angelfall! Now this is totally imaginary in my head and will no way happen in real life, so I might choose someone now who is like… 30but the image I’ve got is them as a teen playing the person. So let me say this again: this is all make believe, I’m making a visual fanfiction in my head.

Penryn: Kristin Kreuk

Again, my head might be a bit muddled because of… stuff, but I really quite thought Penryn was of East Asian, or slight East Asian appearance, after googling what others think, I might be totally wrong (Is her appearance described in full? Can someone tell me?).

I do think that a young Kristin Kreuk pretty much looks like what she was in my head, all petite and kick ass.

Alternative: Jamie Chung (The more I think about this the more she might get moved to #1… plus she plays a gay Mulan, ugh, so cute).

Raffe: Jesse Williams

I am very much going on a stretch herebut he totally looked like this in my head. Well for one, Raffe is described as slightly caramel colored Do Jesse is probably a bit too brown for this) and has blue eyes (He did right? I didn’t just imagine I read that? I read this book in a marathon sprint of excitement so I might have glossed over descriptors) and whaddya know, Jesse does too!

Plus, he’s hot. Grow out his hair a bit and pow, Raffe.

Alternative: Kit Harrington with a series tan (I am sticking to the semi-caramel colored skin thing for this, it really bugs me when characters are lightened on the screen).

Alternative 2: Theo James (He might get moved to #1 right now…).

Josia: Paul Bettany

I quite liked Josia’s character, as brief as he was and I hope to see him some more in the series. The way Susan Ee described him, I thought he was quite beautiful, in that almost terrifying, different way. Plus, he seems tortured and in need of a big ole hug. Bleach out Bettany’s hair a bit and we have Josia!

Didn’t Bettany play the albino villain in The DaVinci Code as well? He played whiney well there, so maybe it can work to his advantage here.

Aryan (I cannot remember this angel’s name but gosh she left an impression on me): Charlize Theron

Note, Penryn calls her Aryan and for some reason that’s the only name that stuck in my head, I cannot for the life of me remember her name! She’s the surgeon who was supposed to put Raffe all back together. The female angel. The scary one.

She terrified me, but I immediately thought of Charlize Theron as the evil queen in Snow White and the Huntsman and got all excited! She’d make a good vindictive, evil female angel, right

Other’s I’d Cast:

  • Penryn’s Mother: Sandra Oh (she does troubled so, so well)
  • Night (The bad guy who cut off Raffe’s wings): Kellan Lutz

I know I’m way off base and if this book manages to actually become a film, I’d love to compare notes and see who gets picked and so on.

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8 Responses to Casting Director: AngelFall (Penryn & The End of Days #1)

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  4. Oh my god, Sandra Oh would be PERFECT as Penryn’s crazy mother. I feel like that casting would never happen in a million years haha, but I’d love to watch that. Well, I’d honestly watch ANYTHING she acted in! And ohhhh Jesse Williams. Be still my heart. I rarely find guys super attractive (I’m not one of those “oh, he’s so hot” types…although that’s a perfectly valid thing to say lol), but Jesse Williams is like my exact idea of what the most perfect-looking guy would look like. Also, this is random but obviously you’re a fan of Grey’s…Taye Diggs is like so HOTTTT. He’s another one of those guys that I can’t help but think is at an on-fire level of attractiveness. Phew, I’m fanning myself off!! 😉 Also…you didn’t cast Penryn’s little sister! But I can’t really think of any Asian-y actresses who are that young off the top of my head either, so I don’t blame you.

    • Claire (BWB) says:

      Sigh, I know the Sandra Oh casting will never happen but I REALLY WANT IT TO!Is it that obvious that I’m a Grey’s fan? Yeah now that I see it lol, I can definitely say that I’m a Grey’s fan.

      I couldn’t, not at all, think of a single damn person to play Paige. The only person who came up was the chick who played Rue in the Hunger Games and she’s the wrong ethnicity completely, but she played vulnerable child so well, I can’t think of any other.

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  6. Cee says:


    I don’t think Penryn’s appearance is described explicitly, but I totally get the impression that she’s Asian. I don’t quite like Kristin Kreuk (since I find her pretty bland), but I love the idea of Jamie Chung playing her! (Some people like Malese Jow as Penryn which is fine, but she’s practically in everrryyy fancast.)

    I didn’t have Jesse Williams in my head as Raffe. I’m not sure who I imagined. Some faceless person. (That sounds creepy, but y’know what I mean. ;D) Never to Kit Harington. He will forever be Jon Snow and nobody else!

    I think the angel’s name is Laylah? I think Charlize Theron is pretty perf. She would pull off the role well. And OMG, Sandra Oh would be fucking amazing. I can just imagine the scene with her outside the angel’s aviary.

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