Literary Listings: What I Want For My Bookish Christmas

We all have a Christmas Wishlist. I’ve got many, I’ve got my food wishlist, my bookish wishlist, my school wishlist and my clothing wishlist. So I thought, why not share a bit of my wants? I hope others will share as well!

What I Want For My Bookish Christmas

Hild (GoodReads)

“Hild is born into a world in transition. In seventh-century Britain, small kingdoms are merging, usually violently. A new religion is coming ashore; the old gods’ priests are worrying. Edwin of Northumbria plots to become overking of the Angles, ruthlessly using every tool at his disposal: blood, bribery, belief.”

Ever since I found out this was coming out, I’ve wanted it. It’s pretty high up on my To Buy List, but alas, till my Christmas donations (ahem, note, gifts) come in, I’ll have to wait.

Fearsome Dreamer (Goodreads)

“There is a world where gods you’ve never heard of have wound themselves into hearts, and choice has led its history down a different path. This is a world where France made a small, downtrodden island called England part of its vast and bloated empire.”

I found out about this on a GoodReads giveaway and I am primarily attracted to it because of the cover. I have a lot of high hopes for it!

The Bone Season (GoodReads)

“It is the year 2059. Several major world cities are under the control of a security force called Scion. Paige Mahoney works in the criminal underworld of Scion London, part of a secret cell known as the Seven Seals. The work she does is unusual: scouting for information by breaking into others’ minds. Paige is a dreamwalker, a rare kind of clairvoyant, and in this world, the voyants commit treason simply by breathing.”

Another popular book on my TBR list. I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet and I am crossing my fingers that my friends will do me right with this one!

Harry Potter Film Set

I don’t own the box set, I basically, sort of, stole my best friend’s set before I came to the UK and felt morally obligated to return it. Though, I still think I should have kept it. 😉

The 8 film set is a perfect way to have all of the Harry Potter goodness in one special box, right next to your TV or computer. This would be really good for procrastination.

Just sayin’.

Special Edition Harry Potter Paperback Box Set

I’ve been drooling and dreaming about this set ever since I’ve seen the covers! It’s amazing!

Illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi, the artist gives a new feel to the set. Something, that I found lacking with previous illustrations. Even though I have long loved the books, I have never liked the covers, UK and US editions. So to finally have a cover that I can enjoy as much as the content is very special.

Colored Letter Wax

I only have a few red sticks and I don’t use them much here, but I really, really want a few other colors, it’ll give me an excuse to go crazy and send letters to people who appreciate the fine art of wax seals.

And why stop at 1 color really, why not just have all!

Tree of Life Wax Seal

The only seal I have is a heart, which is great, but it ain’t me.

I have a tree tattooed on my arm and I pretty much have adopted it as a personal symbol, of all the tree seals I’ve found, I want this one quite badly and at £36, I might get it for myself. Though that’s hella expensive.

Hobbit Moleskin Notebook

You can’t go into a single bookstore, be it Watersones or Blackwells or WHSmith without seeing this beauty. It’s the most gorgeous Moleskin I’ve ever seen and I want every color and every size in this serious.

And I won’t write in it. Nooo, no, darlings, this book is to be stared at, and admired, and touched but not written in. Unless I come up with a brilliant novel idea and put it down in this book. Poetic. Cheesy. It’s fitting.

Harry Potter World Tickets

Hey, don’t judge me, a girl can dream OK?

I know this list has a myriad of Harry Potter things, but that’s because the Harry Potter stuff tends to be a bit more on the expensive side, thus out of my budget. I love my family, but they never give me books. My partner refuses to give me books actually, because I ‘read them too quickly’. I always stare at her when she says that, cleaaaarly, bookish geekdom isn’t for everyone (she reads, I promise, but she doesn’t like books! Ahhh, love is an interesting thing huh!). So this is my greatest dream, that I can get tickets to the one place I’ll probably cry to see.

So everyone, I’ve got to ask, write a comment with something, at least one thing you want for your Bookish Christmas!



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13 Responses to Literary Listings: What I Want For My Bookish Christmas

  1. Leslee says:

    I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was wondering what all is required to get set up?
    I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?
    I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% sure. Any
    tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

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  3. They have that Harry Potter at my local bookstore, we were looking at it today, it’s a 100.00 even there. I’m sure it’s cheaper online. Id like the luggage suitcase collection. Sad, that out of soooo many books, I don’t have a nice box set.

    The wax seal looks cool, I love wax seals. Would you use it for letters?

  4. Emily says:

    I want the Outlander box set. I already own all of the ebooks but I think this would be a good one to add to my collections.

  5. readaholic31 says:

    I would obviously love the Harry Potter stuff too but apart from that I really want a Shadowhunter t-shirt! 🙂

  6. prettybooks says:

    I realllyy want the Harry Potter box set, but now that the illustrated books have been announced, I’m attempted to wait and get those instead.

  7. The Harry Potter set ❤ I already own two (Dutch & English), but how can I resist such a gorgeous edition? And The Hobbit Moleskin is so pretty!

  8. Tara says:

    Ooohh, I love the idea of wax seals. So fancy. And, obvs, the Harry Potter Land tickets. I want to go so badly!

    My bookish Christmas list would include print copies of so many of the books I read as digital ARCs and audiobooks: Winger, Pivot Point, Taken, These Broken Stars, Curtsies and Conspiracies, The Program, Sea of Tranquility…etc. The list has 45 books on it. Yikes.

  9. Harry Potter World Tickets!!!*wants* And I ❤ Moleskin, too 🙂

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