Double Trouble Review: World War Z (Book + Film)

Double Trouble Review: World War Z by Max Brooks
Genre: Sci-Fi
Recommend: Sci-Fi zombies with a twist!
Favourite Line: “Lies are neither bad nor good. Like a fire they can either keep you warm or burn you to death, depending on how they’re used.”

World War Z Book
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company, 2008
Rating: heartheartheartheart
Source + Date Read: Purchased + August 2013
Book Pro’s: Excellent world building and imagination.
Book Con’s: Some chapters or characters dragged- don’t get me wrong, they were necessary for the continuity of the book but I didn’t connect with them well.

So where to begin? I know that World War Z has a bit of a cult following, so worry not readers, I am not trashing your beloved novel. I quite enjoyed this book, I tried to give it to my grandmother but to no avail, she’s not a zombie fan (unfortunately) and neither am I for that matter but I thoroughly enjoyed Brooks’ writing.

First of all, what makes the book a shining gem is Brooks’ thorough writing and thoughtful world building as he created, literally, a whole new world after the Zombie war. It’s not easy to imagine a whole new world that has similarities or semblances to the world as we know it today and I think he did it marvelously!

It’s also a very, very emotional book. Maybe it’s where I grew up or that I was reading the book at during a time of great personal transition, but there were so many chapters that had me tearing up. The one with the girl whose parents drive up to Canada? Tears. The dog chapter? I bawled for hours (I am very sensitive to dog-violence, me thinks). It’s not easy to create an inviting, emotion and thrilling tale and Brooks does it with style. Love it.

Quip? Would have liked more information on how the zombie virus even made it or started. I know some boy got bit, but from WHAT?

World War-Z Film
Rating: heartheartheartheart
Film Pro’s: It was exciting!
Film Con’s: Pretty white-guy saves the day, yet, again.

I’ve heard a lot of smack for this film but I’ll just say straight out that I enjoyed it. The Bookish Purist in me says, no, this film is a failure, it’s nothing like the book (and I would have liked to see a more faithful adaptation to the book, maybe in the future? It can still happen and I hope it will or can) but for what it is, World War Z is an exciting thriller film that is loosely based on the World War Z book. In fact, the only thing in common with the book really is the fact that zombies fuck shit up.

It’s a thrilling film, I enjoyed it and for $7 and 2 hours of my life, I can’t say that anything was wasted. Of course it had to be a neat package in that he saves the day, despite all kinds of fresh hell going on everywhere but it’s 2 hours. I can’t complain for what I got.



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5 Responses to Double Trouble Review: World War Z (Book + Film)

  1. Nicole says:

    Hmm, I didn’t think the film was very good (though I did find it unintentionally funny). The story went by really quickly (particularly at the beginning) and I feel like it just skipped from “oh they’re having breakfast. oh now they’re attacked by zombies. oh now solo mission. oh now fixed.” and in the whole 2 hours I don’t give a shit about anyone. I don’t care who dies. I barely even know who anyone is. I had to keep being reminded what they main character’s name was. The story didn’t feel very solid to be and it didn’t really hold my interest at all.. All in all, not a winner to me. Better zombie film recommendation: 28 Days Later (I feel horrible every time I call this a “zombie film” because it feels like it doesn’t do it justice and evokes a sense of corniness, but it’s so good).

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  3. DoingDewey says:

    I agree completely about the world building in this story. I thought it was fantastic! I actually listened to this as an audiobook, so I also really enjoyed the full cast narration. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I think I will. It sounds like it’s a fun movie even if it wasn’t very true to the book 🙂

  4. Kelley says:

    I have to agree: Brooks did an excellent job with the world building here. It all felt so thorough and rich and REAL. Loved it! I have been avoiding the film just because it’s not really anything like the book and I’m not a big zombie fan to begin with, so I figured why bother. Maybe someday, though.

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